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Eye-Therapy Wearable Taps ST’s STM32 Wireless MCU

STMicroelectronics and Nu Eyne, a Korean medical device manufacturer, have jointly announced a Nu Eyne wearable therapy device for eye care that leverages ST’s STM32WB55 dual-core Bluetooth LE (BLE) microcontroller. Nu Eyne’s recently launched CELLENA wearable device utilizes electric current and light emitted to the eyes and associated nerves to relieve eye dryness and fatigue, as well as to promote healthy retinal functions.

Durable and light for everyday use, the device supports multiple therapy sessions on a single charging cycle and records and stores product-usage logs. A mobile application will be released soon for greater user convenience and interactive therapy management.

The CELLENA device relies on the dual-core architecture of the STM32WB55 MCU for reliable wireless connectivity and real-time processing. With its embedded security features, ST’s MCU also delivers multiple security mechanisms, including user data protection and encrypted firmware update over BLE. The STM32WB55’s ultra-low-power performance also significantly extends battery runtime of Nu Eyne’s wearable eye-therapy.

The wireless performance of the STM32WB55 MCU inside CELLENA exceeded our expectations and made it easier to focus on our primary objective of delivering a product to promote tissue regeneration and relieve dry eyes and pain, says Nu Eyne.

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Eye-Therapy Wearable Taps ST’s STM32 Wireless MCU

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