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Eurotech Launched Its Rugged, GPU-Based DynaCOR 40-36 High-Performance Edge Computer

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Eurotech’s High Performance Edge Computing (HPEC) systems, like the BoltCOR 32-18 and the DynaCOR 40-36 provide the COTS platforms. The COTS Platforms are powered by high-end CPUs, and NVIDIA GPUs, which are capable of heavy workloads like machine and deep learning in the field.

The HPECs also provide virtualization and containerization in order to run virtualized cloud and data center environments at the edge (edge and regional). Enabling the processing of large amounts of data closer to the source, the systems help to build ultra-reliable and low latency systems that are necessary to run 5G network-based applications.

One of the best examples of an HPEC is the DynaCOR 40-36, built for rugged uses, for transport, 5G, and AI at the Edge.  The DynaCOR 40-36 is a compact and rugged edge computer that features on 16-core, Intel Xeon D-2183IT with 64GB ECC DDR4 RAM and can have up to two NVIDIA GV100 GPUs, each providing 32GB HBM2 RAM.

The DynaCOR 40-36 offers 10240 CUDA cores and 1280 Tensor cores, the computers offer a large amount of computational power for a fanless system. Networking includes dual 100GbE and two GbE ports, that offer high bandwidth, low latency feed for advanced IoT sensor arrays, and allow implementation of clustered architecture.

The storage capabilities include up to four high-speed NVME units and can provide a total storage capacity of 32TB, and support RAID configurations. A separate NVME at 512GB is used to host the OS.

Designed for transportation and in-vehicle inclusion, connecting the computer to the devices, peripherals and the vehicle itself is done through Frame Grabber, CAN, USB3, and Serial interfaces.

The power supply is built for automotive applications with a 24VDC: (12 and 48VDC option). Certifications for automotive and heavy use cases ISO 16750-2, EN60068-2-27 make the DynaCOR 40-36 applicable to extreme operating conditions and temperatures. The system is liquid-cooled, and therefore largely separate from the surrounding environment.

The DynaCOR 40-36 is compatible with other HPECs, such as the DynaCOR 40-35, DynaNET 100G-01, and the DynaNET 10G-01

Further Information

The DynaCOR 40-36 product page can be found on the Eurotech website.

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Eurotech Launched Its Rugged, GPU-Based DynaCOR 40-36 High-Perfor…

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