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Embedded Learning Board from Moonshot can be used with Arduino or Raspberry Pi

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Embedded learning from Moonshop can be used with Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The Moonshot Embbeded Learner Board is an embedded systems learning platform that runs off an Arduino or Raspberry Pi system board.

A Kickstarter original the Embedded Learner Board has made quite a hit with DIY students and institutions as a platform for teaching the basics of embedded electronics. The board is designed to help tech enthusiasts and students gain hands-on experience in coding electronics. The system also helps newcomers in the Internet of Things (IoT) space, get the needed experience, just by hooking up an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or ESP, simply by using jumper wires.

The board provides practical knowledge and insights into the embedded electronics world through the use of embedded hardware and software. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other robotics are prominent parts of the technical world and can be a well-known part of learning about embedded systems.

The Embedded Learner Board instills certain technical skills that make anyone well-equipped to embark on their own venture in the embedded world that is so rapidly developing around us.

The board itself has a 16×2 Alphanumeric Display, 7-segment relay, IR sensor, push buttons, LEDs temperature sensor, vibration motor, potentiometer, and a buzzer, all built in. The board simply connects to an Arduino or Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer, and the programming can begin. The board is learn-as-you-go, and developments can be made as the different aspects and operations of the board are learned.

To find out more about Moonshots, and the Embedded Learner Board, see the company product page here.

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Embedded Learning Board from Moonshot can be used with Arduino or…

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