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Dev Kit for ESP32-S2 Targets HMI Designs

Espressif Systems has launched the ESP32-S2-HMI-DevKit-1, a development kit specifically designed for human-machine interfaces (HMIs) in smart-home automation controllers, smart speakers with display, smart alarm clocks and so forth. It comes with a 4.3-inch, color LCD and a touch panel.

ESP32-S2-HMI-DevKit-1 is powered by the ESP32-S2-WROVER module, which supports a 4.3-inch LCD screen. The development board has a 1950 mAh rechargeable lithium battery and peripheral interfaces such as Prog & UART, SPI, TWAI, I2C and an SD card. It supports various sensors, and such functions as audio playback and recording. In addition, its low-power performance increases the standby time of the device considerably. As such, ESP32-S2-HMI-DevKit-1 is truly cost-effective. Additionally, this development kit supports rapid secondary development, since developers can take advantage of the kit’s various onboard resources and expansion interfaces, in order to develop various different functions.

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ESP32-S2-HMI-DevKit-1 specifications:

  • Wireless module: ESP32-S2-WROVER module with ESP32-S2 Xtensa single-core 32-bit LX7 microprocessor, up to 240 MHz with 128KB ROM, 320KB SRAM, WiFi 4 connectivity, 4MB flash, 2MB PSRAM
  • Storage: Micro-SD card slot
  • Display: 4.3-inch display with 800×480 resolution, I2C capacitive touch panel
  • Display interface: 16-bit, 20MHz, 8080 parallel communication
  • Audio: Audio amplifier, built-in microphone, speaker connector
  • USB: 1x USB-C OTG (DFU/CDC) port, 1x USB-C debug port
  • Expansion: SPI header, TWAI (2-wire automotive interface)/CAN header, I2C header, UART/Prog header
  • Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, ambient-light sensor, temperature and humidity sensors
  • Miscellaneous: Programmable RGB LEDs, wakeup and reset buttons, IR transmitter
  • Power Supply: 5V and 3.3V power headers
  • Battery: 1,950mAh Li-ion battery

ESP-LCD is a multimedia smart-control solution for GUI applications. The solution is based on a smart-control panel that comprises ESP32-S2-HMI-DevKit-1 and a liquid-crystal display (LCD) with capacitive touch. ESP-LCD is suitable for several smart-control scenarios involving, for example, smart alarm clocks, air-quality detectors, smart audio control, and smart-home interactive panels. Below you can watch a demonstration of the ESP-LCD:

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Dev Kit for ESP32-S2 Targets HMI Designs

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