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Dev Board Supports Mbed OS 6 Enabled IoT MCU

Nuvoton Technology has announced an Mbed OS 6 (the latest major version) supported development board for its NuMicro M2354 Series IoT Security MCU for Armv8-M architecture. M2354 Series supports the high-security requirement of IoT devices along with low power performance. The embedded 1MB flash and 256KB SRAM memory facilitate multiple RTOSes running on connected IoT devices.

M2354 Series inherits the security features of the M2351 series that has been PSA Certified Level 1, Level 2, and PSA Functional API Certified. In parallel, the M2354 series can operate up to 96MH. Its 1MB of flash memory can support secure firmware over-the-air (OTA) updates easily. M2354 series has excellent low power performance with multiple power management modes and operating modes’ flexibility.

Normal Run mode consumes 89.3μA/MHz with LDO power supply and 39.6μA/MHz with DC-DC power supply; less than 2μA in Standby Power-Down mode. It is 0.5μA for 80-byte content retention of RTC registers in Deep Power-Down mode with VBAT power supply. It can further operate down to 0.1μA without the retention of the 80-bytes content of RTC registers. Moreover, the series is also equipped with plenty of peripherals, including up to 8x 40/ COM x SEG LCD panel driver, Timers, PWM, UART, Quad-SPI (QSPI), SPI/ I2S, I2C, Smart Card Interface (ISO 7816-3), SDHC 2.0, USB 2.0 Full-Speed On-The-Go and CAN 2.0B.

NuMicro M2354 Series is an Arm Cortex-M23 based IoT Security MCU series. In addition to the TrustZone feature, the series equips the countermeasures with its hardware crypto accelerators for Power Side-Channel Attacks and mitigation to the fault injection attacks of voltage and clock glitches. Furthermore, it introduces the Platform Security concept of a secure microcontroller platform to provide Debug Port Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Firmware Version Counter, and Secure Key Storage with chip-level tamper-resistant. The overall features can ensure an MCU application system supporting Storage Security, Software Execution Security, and Connectivity Security.

Mbed OS offers a lot of features and benefits for IoT application developers, says Nuvoton. With support for Mbed OS on a wide range of Cortex-M based devices, free-to-use online compiler, integrated development environment (IDE), developers can quickly prototype IoT high-security applications with device identity authentication on low-cost development boards. Features of the RTOS core-based kernel and released under Apache 2.0 license make the RTOS primitives always available for commercial or personal projects. M2354 series is the first MCU platform to support Mbed OS 6 by Armv8-M TrustZone hardware-enforced isolation technology.

Developers can make use of reference software from Trusted Firmware-M (TF-M) open-source project, multiple drivers support of wireless connectivity and SSL, TLS standards of security protocols for securing communications to develop and deploy massive secure IoT devices. The latest major version also provides a series of example integrations with different cloud services; therefore, devices running with the Mbed OS 6 can meet the needs of IoT device developers by being cloud-agnostic. To ease the endeavor of an IoT security system to be security requirement compliant, Nuvoton provides full TF-M reference source codes as a template for IoT security software development for M2354 powered devices.

Besides Mbed OS, the M2354 series also supports FreeRTOS, RT-Thread for easy implementation of an IoT device and its connection to varied cloud services. With support for multiple OSs on the M2354 series, the NuMicro Cortex-M23 based product portfolio can enhance the security level of many appliances, especially for authentication with IoT service clouds. In addition, the M2354 series can support fast time-to-market with its robust security features for network-connected devices. These devices can be used for smart home appliances, including biometric door locks, secure wireless modules, smart wireless speakers, security systems, smart city appliances including smart meters, green energy control, power station sensors, and other embedded systems with security concerns robotics, arcade machines.

M2354 series has been in mass production with LQFP-128, LQFP-6, and LQFP-48 packages. The NuMaker development boards are also available.

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Dev Board Supports Mbed OS 6 Enabled IoT MCU

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