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Cypress Introduces The EZ-PD CCG3 USB Type-C Power Delivery Controller

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Cypress adds the EZ-PD CCG3 to its EZ-PD family of USB Type-C and USB-Power Delivery controllers. The EZ-PD products allow power delivery of a wide range of devices. The CCG3 is a highly integrated USB Type-C controller, that complies with all the latest Power Delivery and USB Type-C standards. Some of the devices the CCG3 can offer power delivery port control to are, notebooks, dongles, docking stations, power adapters, and monitors.

The Cypress proprietary M0S8 technology is the basis for the devices, with a 32-bit, 48MHz ARM Cortex-M0 processor, with 128KB flash, 8-KB SRAM, GPIOs, a Crypto engine, 20V-tolerant regulator, full-speed USB device controller, and 2 FETs to switch a 5V (VCONN) supply, to power cables.

Key Features

Type-C and USB-PD Support

  • Integrated USB Power Delivery 3.0 Support
  • Integrated USB-PD BMC Transceiver
  • Integrated VCONN FETs
  • Dead Battery Detection
  • Extended data messaging and integrated fast role swap
  • Hardware Overcurrent Protection (OCP)
  • Hardware Overvoltage Protection (OVP)
  • Supports one USB Type-C port

Integrated Digital Blocks

  • Hardware-based Crypto block for authentication
  • Full-speed USB Device Controller supporting Billboard Device Class
  • Response time requirements of USB-PD protocols met by integrated timers and counters
  • Four run-time reconfigurable serial communications blocks (SCBs) that have reconfigurable I2C, SPI, or UART Functionality


  • 2.7 V to 21.5 V operation
  • 2x integrated dual-output gate drivers for external VBUS FET switch control
  • Independent supply voltage pin for the GPIO. Allows 1.7V to 5.5V signaling on the I/Os
  • Reset 30 µA Deep Sleep 30 µA, Sleep 3.5mA

System-Level ESD Protection

  • On VBUS, CC, DPLUS, SBU, and DMINUS pins
  • ±8-kV Contact Discharge and ±15-kV Air Gap Discharge based on the IEC61000-4-2 level 4C

32-bit MCU

  • 48 MHz ARM Cortex-M0 CPU
  • 128KB Flash
  • 8KB SRAM

Clocks and Oscillator

  • Integrated oscillator eliminating the need for an external clock


  • 40 -pin QFN and 42-ball CSP for notebooks and accessories
  • Operating temperature -40°C to 105°C (Industrial)

EZ-PD Configuration Utility is a GUI-based Microsoft Windows application developed by Cypress to guide the CCGx user through the configuration process and th programming of the chip.

Users can

  1. Select and configure the parameters they want to modify
  2. Program the configuration they set onto the target CCGx device

Support for other applications such as Power adapters and Notebook port controllers will be provided in later versions of the utility.

Further information on the Cypress EZ-PD CCG3 Type-C PD controller can be found at the link and on the datasheet on the Infineon Website

Cypress is a subsidiary of Infineon

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