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Core U Processor 3.5” SBC Targets AI

Kontron has introduced a new generation of 3.5″ SBCs based on the latest 11th generation Intel Core U processor series and Celeron 6000 series. The new 3.5″ SBC-TGL sets the stage for graphics-intensive or AI-enabled, low-latency embedded systems used in smart retail, industrial automation, smart city, medical and other IoT/IIoT applications, says Kontron.

 By integrating the 11th generation Intel Core U processor series and Celeron® 6000 processor series with Intel Iris Xe Graphics, the 3.5″ SBC-TGL delivers up to 23% faster computing performance and up to 2.95 times faster graphics performance than its predecessors without the need for an additional graphics card, says the company.

System integration costs, power consumption, thermal output and space requirements of the 3.5″ SBC-TGL are significantly reduced by this need for less hardware. In addition to the high graphics performance enhancement, the 3.5″ SBC-TGL features two DisplayPort connectors on the I/O panel and supports up to two 8K video output channels at a frame rate of 60 frames per second—all with no lags, dropped frames or stuttering. Alternatively, it can output four parallel DisplayPort signals.

In addition to a GbE LAN port, the 3.5″ SBC-TGL offers another 2.5 GbE LAN port to meet growing broadband networking requirements. Furthermore, the board supports configurable Thermal Design Power (TDP) from 12 to 28 watts for all models with Core™ processors. This flexibility allows a system to be designed according to the cooling technology used and application targeted. The 3.5″ SBC-TGL is available in two variants and supports both commercial and industrial operating temperatures from 0°C to 60°C and -40°C to 85°C, respectively.

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Core U Processor 3.5” SBC Targets AI

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