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BRE will Integrate BrainChip’s AkidaTM Neural Processors in High Performance Applications

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

BRE will integrate BrainChip’s AkidaTM Neural Processors in high-performance applications. Blue Ridge Envisioneering (BRE) a space and defense engineering contractor is collaborating with BrainChip a Neuromorphic AI chip manufacturer on a variety of high-performance applications.

The new devices are going to be mainly in the tactical category of products. These devices are meant to address problems in power consumption and heat abatement in Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). DNNs often strain power systems and generate a great deal of heat, due to the use of power-hungry GPUs for compute processing.

Tactical devices such as these have been deployed where thermal requirements are high, and constrained. The devices must function in remote locations of delivering computing in limited power scenarios. The Akida processors perform data processing that includes artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), at the edge. They are power-conserving neuromorphic design is well suited to the military and intelligence settings where this is somewhat of a breakthrough in processing.

“The collaboration with BRE will show how Akida can excel where power and communications are in short supply,” said Rob Telson, BrainChip Vice President of Ecosystem and Partnerships. “This joint effort will expand the boundaries of what AI at the edge can do in both tactical and commercial applications.”

Almost all conventional Deep Neural Networks are developed to run on power-hungry GPUs that strain power systems and generate a significant amount of heat; when data must be processed in real-time on a remote device, the challenge for hardware developers is immense,” said Stefan Moritz, BRE. “BrainChip’s Akida will be useful for tactical devices that ingest sensor data and use AI/ML to improve decision-making.”

BrainChip provides neuromorphic AI processor IPs, which can be integrated into SoC on any process technology. This technology has been shown to benefit today’s workload and networks. The company’s first, fully digital, event-based AI processor AkidaTM uses neuromorphic principles to mimic the human brain, analyzing only the essential sensor inputs at the point of acquisition.

The collaboration with BRE, which is a private company, that provides tactical devices for the space industry and military devices, is building heat-conscious, power-conserving, SoCs to be deployed in devices used in defense systems.

The simplest definition is this groundbreaking technology will be deployed in harsh, resource-restricted environments where power access is limited.

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BRE will Integrate BrainChip’s AkidaTM Neural Processors in…

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