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Bigblue Cellpowa2500 Launches Compact 2500W Ultra-Fast Power Station On Indiegogo

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

BigBlue Energy has launched an IndieGoGo campaign for its ultra-fast portable power station named Cellpowa2500. The compact unit weighs only a little over 25 kilos and is about the size of a coffee maker.

The company says the unit is a play and plug device, that can be used indoors or outdoors, it is lightweight and has a power capacity of 2500 Wh.

The power station has an 80% capacity charged time of about 1.5 hours It can also be charged from 3 independent ports that allow the unit to obtain 1200W each power from six solar panels, extending its bullet-D fast charging technology to the outside world.

The Cellpowa2500 can be used to charge or power almost any electronic device, such as computers, electric ovens, space heaters, or medical equipment. It supports output of 2500W, and 5000W surge (peak). There are 6 AC ports, 2 USB fast charging ports, 2 PD 45W ports, and 2 PD 100Wports. The unit can charge or power up to 15 devices of various types, matched to the outlet or port type, at the same time.

One example of a use of this device is to charge a car battery, off the grid, during an emergency, or time-critical situation.

Cellpowa2500 has a built-in UPS, for times when surges happen or power drops suddenly. When connected to the grid, the Cellpowa2500 detects the grid, takes over if there is a loss of power, and starts powering the devices within 10ms.

Cellpowa2500 comes with a GPS positioning function, to locate your position anywhere on the planet and the user can reach help, or find nearly any location.

The power station is equipped with a 1843.2Wh automotive level LiFePO4 battery, which supports 3,500 life cycles. The power station the company claims can be used frequently for up to 10 years. Once 3500 lifecycles are reached the unit still retains 80% of the original capacity.

There is a BigBlue app, that can control the Cellpowa2500 wirelessly allowing for some remote access. The users can have access to the recharging features of the unit.

BigBlue Cellpowa Power Stations range in power output from 500W to 2500W

For more information on the CellPowa2500 by BigBlue Energy see the Cellpowa2500 Product Page

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Bigblue Cellpowa2500 Launches Compact 2500W Ultra-Fast Power Stat…

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