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Beacon SoMs Offer Wide Range of Processors Brands

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Beacon Systems on Modules (SoMs) offers a wide range of processor brands. The types of processors listed in the EmbeddedWorks portfolio are a who’s who of CPU Manufacturers.

The offerings at EmbeddedWorks are designed to enable high-performance device design and development. There are a number of different industries, where the EmmbeddedWorks SoMs can be applied.

The processors the SoMs utilize are the most powerful in the industry, the connectivity is real-time and reliability is second to none. This is all housed in a module smaller than a dime.

The designs from Beacon are product-ready designs, fully tested, and ready for integration. These off-the-shelf SoM designs can offer a boost to your device development, and time-to-market. The products offered by Beacon are backed by US-based, in-house support that covers the entire lifecycle of the SoMs.

The processor range in the Embeddeworks portfolio includes the following options

The NXP processors are versatile embedded application processors. The types offered include single, dual, and quad-core designs. These designs can handle a vast number of applications with low-power consumptions and a compact footprint.

Texas Instruments
TI provides tiny processors for their class. These solutions offer ARM processors and DSPs with the fastest boot times in the smallest footprints.

These processors are high-performance with advanced graphics abilities focused on embedded systems. These are feature-rich all-in-one solutions that can include LTE Cat M1 connectivity.

With innovative solutions, Xilinx offers outstanding processor designs. These SoMs offer ARM processors with an FPGA to provide the utmost flexibility for the application

The Board Support Packages (BSPs) accompanying the SoM product portfolio in EmbeddedWorks, is developed by Beacon EmbeddedWorks. The Operating Systems supported by many of these SoMs include FreeRTOS, Linux, Windows IoT core, Android, Crank, and Yocto. The BSPs include drivers, bootloaders, and packages that include support for all the peripherals on the SoMs. All products will have updates for security, patches for security, and regular updates, throughout the lifecycle of the product.

For more information and product portfolio, check out the product page on Beacon’s website here.

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Beacon SoMs Offer Wide Range of Processors Brands

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 1 min