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Axiomtek’s Embedded System Is An Outdoor AI Inference System Aimed At AIoT.

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Axiomtek’s AIE800-904-FL is an AI embedded system designed for AIoT applications in rugged, harsher environments. The platform is based on an NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX with a six-core Carmel ARM v8.2 (64-bit) processor, and a 384 core NVIDIA Volta GPU.

The system is designed with an IP67 level rating protection from water and dust ingress. The operating temperature is from -30° to +50°C and has a vibration endurance of up to 3Grms. Applications that would be appropriate but not limited to, would include traffic and transportation management, smart city security, smart manufacturing, outdoor smart building applications, and more.

The AIE800-904-FL has an onboard memory of 8GB LPDDR4x and 16GB eMMC. The power input of 100V to 240V AC range, and 10kV surge protection. There is an M.2 Key B 2242 SSD socket, with a high-speed PCIe 2.0 x2 NVMe interface for storage expansion. There is one GbE PoE port for an IP camera video surveillance solution, which could include traffic flow monitoring, license plate recognition, vehicle recognition, intrusion detection, and access control.

As a function of AIoT, these units could, in the future function as a means for an EV ecosystem to contact outside networks, on the go, or as they pass, offering a way to deter toll jumping. To further enhance the connectivity of an embedded PC of this type, there are four waterproof N-jack antenna openings to provide flexibility in WLAN and WWAN that would eventually pick up every Ev’s unique digital signature and frequency.

I/O Layout and Specifications

The AIE800-904-FL is an AI system that supports a C3 USB 2.0 port, one M12 X-code Gigabit PoE port, one M12 S-code connector for AC power, and one C3 HDMI port capable of full HD. The computer has a full-size PCI Express Mini Card as well as SIM Card slots and supports 4G/LTE/GPRS connections.

The operating system support is Linux Ubuntu 18.04 and fully open-source, along with the Allxon Device Management Solutions (Allxon DMS), helping to save costs and simplify device management, while offering remote device management capabilities. The PC can be VESA mounted or wall mounted.

The AIE800-904-FL AI-powered embedded computer is available from Axiomtek. For further information, check out Axiomtek’s AIE800-904-FL’s product page.

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Axiomtek’s Embedded System Is An Outdoor AI Inference System Ai…

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