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Arm IoT Portfolio Expands for its Total Solutions to Deliver Transformative Innovation to the Ecosystem

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Highlights of the Arm company news

  • Arm Virtual hardware delivers a range of virtual development by expanding opportunities for Arm processors, real-world devices, and third-party hardware.
  • Arm Total Solutions expand use cases for high-performance microcontrollers and applications, with the Corstone subsystems for the Cortex-M and Cortex-A processors.  
  • The Arm Cortex-M85 now offers users increased performance, greater security, and improved machine learning ability.

Earlier this year Arm launched two new solutions for processors making good on its claim to deliver Total Solutions for the IoT roadmap. The Arm Cortex-M processor family got a boost, with the addition of the Arm Cortex-M85 the company’s highest performing, most secure, Cortex-M yet. They also expanded the Arm Virtual Hardware to more platforms, including third-party devices, making development processes more accessible.

Six months ago, Arm introduced the Arm Total Solutions for IoT, it heralded a radical shift in the design approach for the IoT and embedded markets. The initiative combined hardware IP subsystem that frees up silicon designers to focus their time and efforts on differentiation.

In April of 2022 Arm announced the launch of the Arm Total Solution for Cloud Native Edge Devices, designed for the Cortex-A processors and based on the Corstone-1000. This makes accessing the power and potential of platform operating systems like Linux available to IoT developers in an easier scenario for the first time.  

The resulting capability allows application-class workloads to be developed for a wide variety of devices, specific to IoT like, smart wearables, gateways, and high-end smart cameras. The Corstone-1000 is ArmSystemReady – IR compliant and features a hardware secure supporting PSA Certified for a higher level of security, OEMs can immediately reap the benefits of Project Cassini.

Arm also added the Total Solution for Voice Recognition, which is based on the Corstone-310 subsystem. This subsystem is pre-integrated with the Cortex-M85 and the Arm Ethos-U55 to create an MCU-based design that is the highest performance in the Arm MCU portfolio.

This solution is aimed at use-cases from smart speakers and thermostats to drones and factory robots. Designers can also create a whole range of high-performance products with the Corstone-310 when combined with different reference software.

The Arm Cortex-M85

The highest performing Cortex-M processor to date. It is the natural choice to upgrade from the Armv8-M where applications need significantly higher performance.

Arm Cortex-M85 Block Diagram

Key Feature Offers:

  • Arm TrustZone technology to enhance security. This also includes Pointer Authentication and Branch target Identification (PACBTI) a new architectural feature that carries with it, enhanced software attack threat mitigation to aid in achieving in PSA Certified level 2, a security baseline for IoT deployments.
  • Arm helium technology to support endpoint ML and DSP workloads
  • Compared to the Cortex-M7 there is a 30% scalar performance uplift

To read further about how Arm is standardizing IoT development see the News Brief on the Arm website. Information on the Corstone subsystem can be found at Arm Corstone.

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