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Analog Devices’ New Line Of ADCs Is Next-Generation Conversion Processes

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Analog Devices have launched a portfolio of ultra-high precision successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). The new line of ADCs is designed to help with the often challenging process of designing ADCs into such environments as instrumentation, industrial, and healthcare applications.

This new high-performance SAR ADC family features ADIs patented Easy Drive technology, along with the versatile Flexi-SPI serial peripheral interface, which solves many system design challenges. The features of the Easy Drive technology allow for a broader selection range of directly compatible companion products.

The Easy Drive technology maintains high performance while eliminating many traditional system-level design problems, such as rigid digital interface timing requirements, strict layout guidelines, and the often complicated companion product selection. The Flexi-SPI digital interface reduces host processor and ADC integration by providing easy-to-meet timing requirements.

The reimagined digital interface, combined with high-performance, gives a better overall design experience while accelerating the total system design cycle.

The 24-bit, simultaneous sampling, two Megasamples (Msps) per second per channel the AD4630-24 features leading-edge industry accuracy. INL rating of 0.9 parts per million (ppm) is a 4x improvement over other ADCs. The AD4630-24 integrates a reference buffer and all critical decoupling components into one chip. This is a 2x improvement in the solution density when compared with others.

Ray Coggin, General manager for ADIs Electronic Test and Measurement Group said; “The combination of performance and speed will lead to more accurate and stable digital control loops that can settle to their final set point with lower latency. ADI’s new family of ADCs is an intentional technology evolution that further simplifies the process of designing, evaluating, and getting digitally controlled precision instrumentation products to market faster.”

AD4630-24 SAR ASDC Key Features

  • High Accuracy – Accuracy rating of 0.9 ppm INL, with a typical performance of 0.1 ppm
  • Small solution size: Chip scale ball grid array (CSP-BGA) package integrates all critical power supply and reference bypass capacitors, which reduces footprint and system component count
  • Wide common-mode input range: ensuring compatibility with both single-ended and differential input signal chains.
  • High performance: signal-to-noise ratio rating of 105.7 dB is typical.

Further information

See the SAR ADC information and specifications on the AD4630-24 product page, as well as an example application circuits featuring the AD4630-24

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Analog Devices’ New Line Of ADCs Is Next-Generation Convers…

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