Amphenol RF Launches IoT Antennas that Support Zigbee

Amphenol RF antenna
Written by Kirsten Campbell

Amphenol RF is pleased to announce the expansion of its emerging antenna portfolio with a variety of options that support the Zigbee wireless protocol. Zigbee antennas primarily operate on three designated frequencies: 2.4GHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz, depending on the application use and geographic location. These antennas are designed specifically for low-power, low-data rate and close proximity applications. They are primarily used in automation and IoT (Internet of Things) environments for their ability to support mesh networking in smart homes, industrial automation, healthcare, retail services and smart energy technology.

Zigbee antennas are preferable for a variety of designs due to their ability to meet specific application requirements related to range, power consumption, network complexity and data rate needs. Zigbee technology consumes less power which make them ideal for battery-operated devices. Zigbee antennas can support a large number of devices in a single network which is useful in complex automation systems in industrial and home environments, reducing network congestion. This wireless protocol also uses a standardized protocol stack which is built to ensure interoperability between a wide range of devices from different manufacturers allowing them to communicate seamlessly.

These antennas are available in a variety of configurations such as whip, FPC and PCB, and chip options with several micro-coaxial cable assembly options designed to connect to a Zigbee wireless module. They join a growing catalog of external and internal IoT antennas currently available in various configurations to meet common wireless protocols such as LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and LoRa.

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Amphenol RF Launches IoT Antennas that Support Zigbee

by Kirsten Campbell time to read: 1 min