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Amazon’s Big Announcement is Matter Standard to Enhance Interoperability of Their IoT Devices

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Amazon’s big announcement is Matter Standard to enhance the interoperability of their IoT devices. The announcement was made at the CES 2023 conference, just two weeks ago.

There were several products presented at CES 2023 by the retail giant. They covered a wide range of new and expanded software and hardware lines. There were several partnerships that were announced and Amazon focused on the Matter standard, as one of its top announcements.

Other announcements included navigation and voice assistance in cars and a trip into how far we have come in the age of robots. How their use of ambient computing to power the devices, is driving the sector.

The Matter standard seemed to be the headlining announcement for Amazon, as many companies have returned to the event from non-attendance in recent years.

Matter is an interoperability standard that is driving the IoT industry, with hundreds of companies coming on board to design and develop IoT devices that use the standard in smart homes and offices.
Amazon is adding Matter support to smart home blinds, sensors, and thermostats, as well as the iOS Alexa app. Matter was created by the Connectivity Standards Alliance to standardize home IoT products to work together in a unified and open source protocol.

Amazon will be using the Matter standard in 100 million infield devices. This will run across 30 different Echo smart speakers and eero routers. They will all have compatibility with other Matter devices.

“This is a major inflection point for the (Internet of Things),” said Tobin Richardson, president, and CEO of the Connectivity Standards Alliance. “As we become more connected and break down the walls between the digital and physical world, we need to work together to make those connections meaningful. Matter and our membership are tackling this challenge head-on.”

The Ring doorbell portfolio now includes Car Cam, the camera that sits on the dashboard and has a backward and forward viewing feature.

There is also a Peephole Cam, which attaches to any peephole you might find in a hotel or apartment and expands Ring capability to those areas.

Amazon has announced SkipGen in-vehicle infotainment system, which can be activated by a voice from either Siri or Alexa. The move also equips SkipGen with over 130,000 Alexa skill options. This initiative was developed with Panasonic in a new partnership.

Alexa will also be able to navigate after finding electric charging stations all over the United States.

For more on Amazon, products see the product pages for each.

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