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Alta Data Technologies Launches Multi-Channel Embedded Mezzanine Board with Ethernet Connectivity Aimed at Avionics

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Alta Data Technologies launches a mini embedded mezzanine board for MIL-STD-1553 networks, the MEZ-E1553. The MEZ-E1553 board provides 1-2 dual redundant 1553A/B/C channels with an Ethernet backplane interface on a small form factor 3.6 x 5.6 cm PCB. The board is available in Dual BC/BM or mRT/BM or Full Function BC/mRT/BM models.

The MEZ-E1553 is from Alta’s popular ENET product line. The MEZ-E1553 is a rugged mezzanine product that can easily be integrated into a system design. There is a full documentation series that includes STEP 3-D Files and sample ESS test programs. The units are guaranteed 1553A/B/C compliant with the AS4111 5.2 Protocol Test reports.

The AltaAPI SDK development software with a straight Berkley BSD socket layer that is compatible with almost any operating system, including the DO-178 systems. The MEZ-E1553 is easier to integrate into systems than the 1553 ASIC chips and includes greater functionality. Dual function (BC/Mon or mRT/Mon) or Full Function (BC/mRT/Mon) – chips do not offer the full functionality or signal capture of the MEZ-E1553 product line.

Signal Capture circuitry is included on the first channel for cable troubleshooting and also cybersecurity modeling.

Key features

  • 1-2 independent, dual redundant 1553 channels
  • Dual Function or Full Function
  • 10/100/1000 real-time Ethernet UDP interface
  • A/D Signal capture for cable troubleshooting and cybersecurity modeling
    • The first channel only
  • Full schematics, design guidelines, ESS test examples, and 3-D STEP
  • Industrial or commercial extended temperature components
  • Auto 1553-Ethernet bridging for bus monitor. Needs no programming.
  • 3.3V power. Max power 1A Single Channel: 1.5A Dual channel
  • Bus activity and Ethernet link status lines provided – to LEDs on the MEZDEV reference
  • IRIG-B RX PAM or RX/TX PPS Ext Clock
  • 36.25mm x 56 mm (max height 8.2 mm)

The MEZ-E1553 is available for purchase now, Alta Data sales can be contacted at their website.

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Alta Data Technologies Launches Multi-Channel Embedded Mezzanine …

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