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AI Voice Dev Kit Targets Smart Speakers

Espressif Systems has announced the launching of its AI voice development kit, ESP32-S3-BOX, which provides a platform for developing the control of smart devices with offline and online voice assistants. ESP32-S3-BOX is well suited for developing AIoT applications with reconfigurable AI voice functions, such as smart speakers, and IoT devices that achieve human-computer voice interaction directly. In addition, ESP32-S3-BOX combines a touch screen controller, various sensors, an infrared controller and a smart gateway. With all this functionality and its product-ready form factor, ESP32-S3-BOX will help you save significant R&D expenses and shorten the development cycle of your product.

ESP32-S3-BOX is an AI voice development kit that is based on Espressif’s ESP32-S3 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5 (LE) SoC, with AI capabilities. In addition to ESP32-S3’s 512KB SRAM, ESP32-S3-BOX comes with 16MB of QSPI flash and 8MB of Octal PSRAM. ESP32-S3-BOX is also equipped with a variety of peripherals, such as a 2.4-inch display with a 320×240 resolution, a capacitive touch screen, a dual microphone, a speaker, and two Pmod-compatible headers which allow for the extensibility of the hardware. ESP32-S3-BOX also uses a Type-C USB connector that provides 5 V of power input, while also supporting serial and JTAG debugging, as well as a programming interface; all through the same connector.

ESP32-S3-BOX is designed to take advantage of ESP32-S3’s AI acceleration capabilities, improved external memory interface and multiple peripherals. Application use cases, such as online and offline voice assistants, voice-enabled devices, HMI touch-screen devices, control panels and multi-protocol gateways can be easily realised by also using Espressif’s rich set of SDKs and AIoT solutions. More specifically, ESP-S3-BOX can run Espressif’s Amazon-qualified Software Audio Front-End solution, Alexa for IoT SDK, the ESP-Skainet offline voice assistant, and the LVGL-based HMI solution, in addition to other SDKs, too, such as ESP-DL, and ESP-ADF. Espressif’s complete AIoT platform, ESP RainMaker, can be used with ESP32-S3-BOX for configuring GPIOs and offline commands, while providing control via phone apps and/or a voice assistant. With such rich hardware and software features, as well as a product-ready form factor, Espressif envisions that ESP-S3-BOX will significantly simplify product development for system designers.

Espressif provides a number of technical resources relating to ESP32-S3-BOX, including the hardware reference design and user guides.

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AI Voice Dev Kit Targets Smart Speakers

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