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ADIs Wireless Battery Management System Awarded Top Automotive Cybersecurity Qualification

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Analog Devices Inc. received the ISO/SAE 21434 certification, for its wireless battery management system, the highest standard of automotive cybersecurity engineering and management. The ISO/SAE 21434 is a new standard, meant to address the complete life cycle of an automobile, from concept through development, to production, on through operation, maintenance, and finally decommissioning of the electronic systems.

TUV NORD Mobilitat is the assessor of this qualification and confirmed ADI’s wBMS is the first automotive system to receive this certification. The big news here is that the ISO/SAE 21434 certification sets a new, higher standard for safety and functionality.

The wBMS was announced in 2020, by ADI and General Motors, and the technology has seen growth into mass production. This technology is the turnkey solution for vehicle manufacturers who are seeing security designed at every level. The transition from wired to wireless connectivity allows vehicle manufacturers to scale fleets into volume production across a large range of vehicle classes. wBMS offers modularity, flexibility, and scalability that streamlines the design and assembly process with connector-free batteries. The whole production process becomes reliant on wireless communication, which ensures transparency, security, and ease of deployment across all stages if the vehicle’s lifecycle.

The latest McKinsey report addresses the role Cybersecurity is playing in the quality of automobile manufacturing.

‘Cybersecurity is becoming a new dimension of quality for automobiles . . . Cybersecurity will be nonnegotiable for securing market access and the type approval’  In the future.

The CAL 4 classification according to the ISO/SAEW 21434 standard requires strong risk assessments to proactively identify any component, API, or software function that could be vulnerable to cyber-attack. This standard increases safety protocols and strengthens the overall quality of security across the entire lifecycle of the vehicle.

Leif-Erik Schulte, Senior Vice President at TUV NORD Mobilitat, said “We conducted intensive assessments to verify ADI’s wBMS conforms to the ISO/SAE 21434 requirements. With ADI considering CAL 4 classification conditions throughout product development. The cybersecurity assurance measures complied with the highest requirement.”

For further information on the Analog Devices wireless Batter Management System access the technical article with an in-depth explanation of the system at the link in this sentence.

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