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ADI Offers the New µModule Regulator that Powers Noise Sensitive Applications

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

ADI offers the new µModule Regulator that powers noise-sensitive applications. In late March Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) launched a super low noise dual output DC/DC µModule regulator. The layout is a patented silicon base, and several packaging changes the company is saying are innovations.

ADI is saying the LTM8080 operates from up to 40V input and the front end is a high-efficiency synchronous Silent Switcher step-down regulator. This is followed by two separate low-noise, low-dropout (LDO) regulators.

In order to suppress noise even further the LTM8080 package integrates an EMI barrier shield or wall. The resulting low noise values are of notice. The <1 µVRMS (10Hz to 100 kHz), 2nV/Hz (10kH) spot noise, and 80 dB PSRR (100KHz).

In comparison to discrete solutions without the EMI shield the LTM8080 regulator reduces output ripple voltage by up to 70% for a quiet and simple design.

The LTM8080 is designed specifically to power digital loads that are susceptible to switching regulator noise such as data converters, FPGA I/O, op-amps, RF Transmitters and clocks, transceivers, and medical scanners.

The µModule regulator LTM8080 is integrated with Silent Switcher architecture that minimizes EMI emissions. The device can pass CISPR22 Class B and CISPR25 Class 5 without needing an input filter.

The adjustable switching frequency from 200 kHz to 2 MHz and the selectable operation modes both minimize the risk of frequency interferences. This is ideally suited to very low noise instrumentation, high speed, and high precision signal chain applications.

The following features can be added to the already mentions features.

  • Parallelable for lower noise and higher current
  • Output voltage 0V to 8V
  • Dual 500 mA or single 1A output current
  • 100 µA SET Pin current with a ±1% Initial Accuracy
  • Voltage tracking function that minimizes power loss

To find out more about the ADI µModule LTM8080 regulator see the ADI website product page here.

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ADI Offers the New µModule Regulator that Powers Noise Sensitive…

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 1 min