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Actility and Advantech Partner in an AI-based Predictive IoT Solution for Rotating Machinery

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Actility and Advantech launch a new AI-based intelligent predictive IoT solution focused on the maintenance of rotating machinery.

The partnership has developed an integrated AI-based solution, to support machine operation teams in helping to realize machine prognostics and health management. The system allows the monitoring of multi-systems statuses all in a single display or occurrence. The results are seen that day, or over a seven-day period in the machine healthy index, which includes an ISO 10816 rating and degradation level.

The system is based on the Advantech WISE-2410 vibration sensor, and the high-performance WISE-6610 LoRaWAN gateway. ThingPark Enterprise IoT network management platform and the advanced Advantech iMachine/PHM applications are available in Trial Kit form, on Actility’s marketplace, ThingPark Market.

There has been a great deal of upset in the maintenance companies, since the pandemic. Teams are not able to service their client’s machines due to backlogs and lockdowns. Downtime is rising, due to delays in critical services like asset maintenance for many manufacturers.

In this downtime-riddled environment, the teams at Advantech and Actility have developed the Predictive Maintenance Solution. By installing LoRaWAN-connected vibration sensors with an easy implementation process, anomalous behavior in rotating machines can be detected and the maintenance teams alerted, before a real problem occurs.

The Advantech WISE-2410

The WISE-2410 device is rated at ISO 10816, where the guidelines for evaluation of the machine vibration by measurements on non-rotating parts. The sensor balances the wireless bandwidth between itself and the gateway, so it also mitigates data transmission fail rates, between edge devices and gateways.

Advantech WISE-6610

The WISE-6610 is a high-performance LoRaWAN gateway that offers connectivity at a reliable level for industrial scenarios. The system supports LoRaWAN protocol for support of LoRaWAN public and private networks and other protocols such as MQTT. The WISE-6610 has flexibility in hardware and software and provides a number of features for edge intelligence systems and support for VPN tunneling with various protocols for ensuring safe communications.

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Actility and Advantech Partner in an AI-based Predictive IoT Solu…

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