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ABB Unveils Its i-Bus, KNX Whole Building Automation, To Create Smart Buildings

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

ABB is partnering with Samsung, in a joint effort to create the smart buildings, the next level in the smart city initiative. The smart building technology will be placed in both residential and commercial spaces.

This collaboration will increase support for ABB’s desire to offer open, agnostic technology to everyone.  The technology for this initiative will be the ABB i-bus KNX interface. An IoT-based system, with single system functions. Controlling everything from the locks on the door, to the heating and dishwasher.

The entire initiative is meant to reduce carbon emissions. Large buildings are producing about 40% of the total emissions throughout the world. The partnership between ABB and Samsung Electronics will create a platform to build relationships for innovation on smart technology, smart control, and smart devices.

In the residential space, smart homes are a series of interconnected devices and appliances integrated through a centralized system, that saves time, money, and energy. One of the best examples of a smart system, helping the environment is the lower energy use when setting large appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines to operate off-peak. All controls are available at multiple locations and through the user’s personal mobile device, with one solution controlling all systems.

The partnership expands customer access to home automation, better device management, and facilitates electricity load shifting.

The ABB i-bus KNX system is made up of ABB Tenton sensors and control panels, the ABB Room Touch display panel, and the connection to a personal device. The Room Touch display can be initiated with swipes or direct pushing of lighted buttons.

The Room Touch can be used in a landscape or portrait position, can be mounted on the wall, or on a flat surface. The controls are up to 30 functions for every device and system in the home automation realm and a mobile device.

The ABB i-bus KNX is meant for larger residential and office buildings, to reduce energy consumption and emissions. The partnership between ABB and Samsung Electronics is building pathways to increased innovation in building automation, through a deeper understanding of IoT (Internet of Things).

Further Information

The ABB i-bus KNX data sheets and product pages can be found at the website, here


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ABB Unveils Its i-Bus, KNX Whole Building Automation, To Create S…

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