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ABB Releases the DLynx III DC/DC Converters with Simplicity and Ease of Use in Mind

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

ABB releases the DLynx III DC/DC Converters with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The announcement came just 3 days ago, that ABB Power Conversion has released a new family of non-isolated DC/DC converters for industrial, datacoms, and networking applications.

The DLynx III are high-performance, compute-intensive, and data throughput technologies. This is a new product line for ABB, built for the MLX/SLX series. The DLynx III power modules have advanced PID-based adjustable digital control loops, helping to ensure loop stability. The modules also provide fast transient responses and reduce output capacitance requirements in development.

The MLX?SLX series works across a wide input voltage range from 7VDC to 14VDC, providing PMBus-programmable output voltages from 0.45VDC to 2.0VDC.

Up to 160A of additional SLX series modules can be utilized with the MLX master module, which increases maximum output current for a single output load, or could also provide a second independent output to powering multiple loads, but digitally controlled.

The overall effect is a higher rate of efficiency and more board-level design flexibility.

Some of the advantages of using the DLynx III are long-term reliability, with modules providing rated current for 12VIN, 1VOUT at 200lfm airflow at 80℃ ambient temperature or better, for excellent thermal performance.

Minimized board space requirements, as in a high-density footprint (119 to 205A/in2 depending on the module). There are easier solution designs, like the system-compatible operation with fixed switching frequencies, and nested pinout of the master modules, allowing for easy changes across product series.

The modules are cost-efficient, open-frame design. There are powering features that are robust and convenient, like the powerful digital control with monitoring for the PMBus and current balancing that is cycle-by-cycle of phases which maximizes load sharing.

The high efficiency is seen across applications, with 90% efficiency at full load (12VIN, 1VOUT, at 25℃).

To find out more about the ABB DLynx III please see the ABB website product page here.

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ABB Releases the DLynx III DC/DC Converters with Simplicity and E…

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