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600W AC-DC Supply Boasts Medical Certification

RECOM has extended its range of AC/DC open-frame power supplies with the RACM600-L series. The module can deliver 400/450W (115/230VAC) with convection cooling while 600W is available with continuously forced airflow. The product features a universal 80-275VAC input and a single 24V output, adjustable +/-20%, rated at 25A. A standby output at 5V/0.5A is also available.

The RACM600-L is designed for reliable and cost-effective operations in high-availability applications such as medical and process control, with high grade components and conservative design margins. Certifications include 2x MOPP medical safety (IEC/EN/CSA/ ANSI/AAMI-ES 60601-1) up to 3000m, with leakage current suitable for BF applications. The module is also certified to IEC 62368-1 for IT/multimedia/industrial applications, with reinforced safety isolation to 5000m operation. EMC curve ‘B’ compliance to EN 55032 is achieved with a good margin without external components. Surge and burst immunity is at “Level 4.”

The RACM600-L series features an efficiency of up to 93% and the ability to be paralleled for redundancy or increased output with internal OR-ing diodes and active current sharing. ON/OFF control, a power good signal and remote sensing are included, along with a PMBus interface, for remote control and monitoring. Comprehensive protection against over-current, over-temperature, over-voltage and short circuits is also included.

The RACM600-L is in an open-frame, rugged, U-channel format of just 197mm x 102mm x 41mm (1U) and includes fixings for chassis-mounting. Operation is from -20°C to +70°C with derating.

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600W AC-DC Supply Boasts Medical Certification

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