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1,000W AC-DC Supplies Target Medical and Industrial Needs

TDK has announced the introduction of the TDK-Lambda brand CUS350MP-1000 AC-DC medical and industrial certified power supplies. Capable of providing 500W with external airflow (1,000W peak), the series is rated at 350W when convection cooled and can deliver peaks of 800W for up to 5 seconds. This makes the CUS350MP-1000 suitable for low audible noise applications requiring occasional high peak power demands, including medical equipment utilizing DC motors and industrial printers. Power supplies with a peak capability can offer cost, size and audible noise reductions over fan cooled models rated for continuous operation at the peak power requirement.

The series is available with 24V, 30V, 36V and 48V outputs, a 5V isolated standby and a remote on/off function. The CUS350MP-1000 has an 85 to 265Vac input range and a leakage current of less than 300µA. With efficiencies of up to 94%, operation in ambient temperatures of -20°C to +70°C is possible, derating linearly above 50°C to 30% load. Open frame models measure 88 x 183 x 44mm (W x L x H) with a weight of 770g. Options include a perforated cover, double sided board coating, single input fuse and screw terminations.

The CUS350MP-1000 has an input to output isolation of 4,000Vac (2 x MoPP), input to ground of 1,500Vac (1 x MoPP) and 1,500Vac (1 x MoPP) output to ground for suitability in B and BF rated medical equipment. Safety certifications include IEC/UL/CSA/EN 62368-1, IEC/EN/ES 60601-1, EN 62477-1 (OVC III), with CE marking to the Low Voltage, EMC and RoHS Directives. The units also comply with EN 55011-B and EN 55032-B conducted and radiated emissions, EN 61000-3-2 harmonics, IEC60601-1-2 Edition 4 and IEC 61000-4 immunity standards.

Main Applications include low audible noise applications requiring occasional high peak power demands, medical equipment utilizing DC motors, industrial printers and ticket dispensers.

Main Features:

  • Convection cooled rating
  • Up to 94% efficient
  • Medical Certification (2 x MoPP)
  • Compact 88 x 183 x 44mm package

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1,000W AC-DC Supplies Target Medical and Industrial Needs

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