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Do I have to be a member to access Premium Content?
No. All premium content is available for free to everyone at a rate of 1 item per 30 day cycle.

Can I get more than 1 item of Premium Content for free?
Yes. We offer a Starter Membership option that is free. This membership gives you our weekly newsletter and access to 3 items of Premium Content per 30 day cycle.

I already get the Circuit Cellar weekly newsletter. Am I still eligible for the free Starter Membership?
Yes. Register for the free Starter Membership (or higher) using the same email address used to subscribe to the newsletter.

I don’t want a recurring Membership do I have any options?
Yes. We offer Term memberships for a 1-time purchase. You will receive an email notifying you when your subscription is about to expire with an option to renew.

I am a subscriber to Circuit Cellar magazine. Is an online Membership included?
No. An online membership is a different product.

Haven’t I already bought the Premium Content with my subscription to Circuit Cellar magazine?
Yes, most of the online content has appeared in Circuit Cellar Magazine. But you still need a membership to get the access to the HTML format. Much the same as if you buy a paperback book you wouldn’t be entitled to it in hardcover, audio or other formats for free.

We do offer discounts on online memberships to Circuit Cellar magazine subscribers. We’ll keep you informed of whatever special discounts we’re running. Look for those discounts in your monthly “new issue” notification email.

How is an Circuit Cellar website membership different than a digital subscription to Circuit Cellar magazine?
A digital subscription to Circuit Cellar magazine is a duplicate of the print magazine that is offered as a PDF. The full issue maybe viewed online or downloaded for reference.

A Circuit Cellar website membership presents articles in HTML format as individual articles.

Can I get all the same articles with a Circuit Cellar website membership as a subscription to Circuit Cellar magazine?
Maybe, eventually. We will be posting additional Premium Content to the website every week. It will not be on the same schedule as articles from the magazine. We will be posting content from any number of back issues of the magazine. New posted content could include 1 or 2 articles from the latest magazine, many from previous issues and some from affiliate locations.

Can I cancel my membership?
Yes – You may cancel/delete your membership from your My Membership Account page.

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