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Circuit Cellar is the premier media resource providing critical information on embedded electronics technology. It does so at a unique level of technical depth tailored to inspire professional engineers, academic technologists and other electronics technology decision makers worldwide across a broad range of applications.

Circuit Cellar 2018 Media Guide Request

Magazine Advertising Rates
Print Artwork Guidelines
Online Advertising Rates
Advertising Calendar
Full Rate Sheet (PDF)
Hugh Heinsohn
P: 757.525.3677


2 PG SPREAD FULL PG 1/2 PG 1/3 PG 1/4 PG 2/9 PG 1/9 PG
1x $5,610 $2,920 $1,880 $1,240 $980 $790 $390
3x $5,330 $2,780 $1,790 $1,180 $940 $760 $380
6x $5,070 $2,650 $1,710 $1,130 $900 $730 $370
12x $4,820 $2,520 $1,630 $1,080 $860 $700 $360

Ads apear in full color at no additional charge!
Contact Hugh Heinsohn, [email protected] | 757-525-3677

Cover Rates (Four-color included)

Cover 4 Cover 3 Cover 2
1x $4,720 $3,910 $4,180
3x $4,490 $3,720 $3,980
6x $4,270 $3,540 $3,790
12x $4,060 $3,370 $3,610

*Premium Positions are available and subject to publisher’s approval. Add 10% to Net Rate. Left/Right-hand page requests are considered Premium Positions.

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Print Artwork Guidelines (inches, width x height)

2 PG Spread
Live: 15.25″ x 10″ (live copy area with 1″ gutter), Bleed: 16.50″ x 11.125, Trim: 16.25” x 10.875”

Full PG & Covers
Live: 7″ x 10″, Bleed: 8.375″ x 11.125″, Trim: 8.125 x 10.875″

1/2 Horizontal 7″ x 4.75″
1/2 Vertical 3.375″ x 10″
1/3 Vertical 2.25″ x 10″
1/3 Square 4.625″ x 4.75″
1/4 PG 3.375″ x 4.75″
1/9 PG 2″ x 3″
2/9 Vertical 2″ x 6.25″
2/9 Horizontal 4.25″ x 3″

Magazine Advertising Multi-channel Package Requirements

Magazine Ad Component
Circuit Cellar magazine is available on several venues. In order
to have your advertising appear at its best, all artwork should
be submitted in a vector-based format, printer-ready PDF.
In the digital edition advertising may still exude subtle, unavoidable differences in
apparent resolution from that of press-optimized files. For the best appearance, do
not flatten the artwork.

PDF Checklist:
• 4-color ads should be in CMYK format
• BW ads should be in grayscale
• Fonts should be embedded
• High-res graphics (300 DPI or higher)
Send artwork & billing inquiries to: [email protected]
Artwork change requests will incur producion charges at the rate of $60/
hour with $30 minimum

Banner Ad Component
Ads appear on the “Inside This Issue” page of on the
Circuit Cellar website (
• Full page magazine advertisers receive a 300×100 px banner ad
• Half, Third, and Quarter page magazine advertisers get the 125
x 125 size. (Idea Boxes excluded)

Social Media Component
Posts will appear on the Circuit Cellar Twitter, Facebook and
Linkin Networks – 1 post per magazine advertisement per
month (Idea Boxes excluded)
• 100 Characters (Including Hashtags) – Link
• Image
Text maybe reformated at editor’s discretion

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Advertorials (Ads in Content-Style Layout) – View Sample 

Four-Page Two-Page
1x $12,990 $6,480
3x $12,350 $6,160
6x $11,740 $5,860
12x $11,160 $5,570

*All advertorial content must be approved by editorial prior to placement. Contact Circuit Cellar for specifications and submissions guidelines. $60 per hour for any editorial work that must be done beyond: reviewing the files, creating the layout, and performing a basic spell check. Examples include: line editing, rewriting, art updating, and paragraph changes.

Click Here for the full Circuit Cellar 2018 Media Guide

Contact Hugh Heinsohn, [email protected] | 757-525-3677


Website Banners:

Banner Type Size
1X Rate
3X Rate
6X Rate
12X Rate
Leaderboard 625 x 90 $860 $820 $780 $750
Large Rectangle 300 x 250 $670 $640 $610 $580
Half Banner 300 x 100 $390 $380 $370 $360
Button 125 x 125 $195 $190 $185 $180
Lower Banner 728 x 90 $420 $400 $380 $370

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Circuit Cellar Newsletter

Hitting the inbox of thousands of opt-in subscribers each week, the Circuit Cellar Newsletter is the premiere e-newsletter for the embedded industry. Electronics news and insight, project information, timely offers, and more!

Banner Type Size (Pixels) 1X Rate
3X Rate
6X Rate
12X Rate
Main Header 650 x 124 $645 $620 $590 $570
Full Banner 650 x 83 $480 $460 $440 $420
Spotlight 170 x 232 $390 $380 $370 $360

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Online Specifications (Banners and Circuit Cellar Newsletter)

  • 72 dpi
  • RGB color
  • Specify URL for linking advertisement

Partner Mailings / List Rental – View Sample
Deliver your custom content directly to an audience comprised of professional engineers

Circuit Cellar’s opt-in email subscriber list is comprised of engineers who are always learning, developing and pushing the advancement of technology. To do that they are constantly absorbing information. They have come to rely on Circuit Cellar as a key resource for that purpose. Our partner mailing program is a way for you to present your content in a direct, non-competion environment with the formating and branding elements that represent who you are.

How it works:

  • You create an HTML frame work for your announcement, product/service, offer or event
  • Choose how many you would like to distribute it to—cost is per CPM (5000 min)
  • We import your creative and send you a test email
  • You select you delivery date and time
  • Optional resend to unopened


  • Flat Set-Up Fee: $200
  • CPM: $390

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Website Native Content Package & Newsletter Add-on

Deliver your engaging, custom content* about your company, brand and products.

Publish your company’s custom content, such as product promotions, videos, tutorials, white papers or engineering tips. Native Content appears in a similar style as the other information on the website removing the “ad” feel and engaging readers on an informative level—which translates into more effective advertising.

Your content appears in:

Teaser Blurb—Appears in the Featured Posts section on the homepage for one month. Links to the full blog post. Include title, first 40-50 words, and featured image thumbnail.

Blog Post—The journalistic setting enables you to present more information and context for your product/services. Presents as an unbiased, third-party article about your product or service. Contains your text, photos, contact information and links.

Social Media Promotion—Two posts to our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn networks.


  • 1X $1460
  • 6X $1370

Native Content Package Newsletter Add-on
This add-on includes all the elements of the
Website Native Content Package PLUS:

Get full exposure to our network with the addtion of an editorial style feature in the newsletter. Native Content appears in a similar style as the other information in the newsletter removing the “ad” feel and engaging readers on an informative level. With the journalistic style, viewers do not get the feel that the intent is to advertise. In this
way, marketers can catch the attention of internet users who tune out traditional advertising.

Add-on Includes:

  • Title
  • 100-150 words
  • Feature image
  • Link to the full custom Circuit Cellar Blog Post

Rate with Newsletter Add-On:

  • 1X $1820
  • 6X $1730

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Online Article Sponsorship
Easy way to promote your brand for over 1 year!

Premium Content

  • Your choice of Circuit Cellar articles
  • Complete article posted online
  • The only place content is available for free

Exclusive Advertising Block

  • 300 px wide
  • Single or multiple ads
  • Statistics available

Full Network Exposure

  • Homepage featured post—Appears for one month
  • Promoted in Newsletter—Two feature announcements and two in the industry news section
  • Social media announcements—Two posts to our Twitter, Facebook,
    and LinkedIn networks.

Long Term Benefits

  • Article post remains on site for one-year minimum
  • Continued exposure from search engines

How it works:
Select an article from Circuit Cellar magazine’s sought-after content. We convert it to HTML and post on the website. Then we announce that this article is brought to you by your company. Finally, we promote the article via our newsletter and social media network.

Click Here for the full Circuit Cellar 2018 Media Guide

2018 Editorial Calendar

  Special Feature Technology Spotlight Product Focus
Jan Powering Commercial Drones 5G Technology and Testing COM Express boards
Bonus Distribution:  CES, Embedded World
Space Close: 11/15/2017 | Materials Due: 11/22/2017
Feb Electronics for Driverless Vehicles Non-Standard Single Board Computers Microcontroller Development Tools
Space Close: 12/15/2017 | Materials Due: 12/22/2017
Mar IoT: From Device to Gateway Trace and Code Coverage Tools ADCs and DACs
Bonus Distribution: Trinity College Robot Contest
Space Close: 1/17/2018 | Materials Due: 1/23/2018
Apr IoT: From Gateway to Cloud Graphics, Video and Displays 32-bit Microcontrollers
Space Close: 2/16/2018 | Materials Due: 2/23/2018
May Video and Communication in Commercial Drones Quick Prototyping Solutions PC/104 and PC/104 Family Boards
Space Close: 3/16/2018 | Materials Due: 3/23/2018
Jun PCB Design and Verification Sensors and Measurement AC-DC Converters
Bonus Distribution: DAC, Sensors Expo
Space Close: 4/18/2018 | Materials Due: 4/24/2018
July Wireless Standards and Solutions for IoT Extreme Low-Power Design IoT Device Interface ICs
Space Close: 5/18/2018 | Materials Due: 5/23/2018
Aug FPGA System Design Microcontrollers and Processors Small and Tiny Embedded Boards
Bonus Distribution: Flash Memory Summit, Hot Chips
Space Close: 6/15/2018 | Materials Due: 6/22/2018
Sep Motion Control for Robotics Power Supplies/ Batteries IoT Gateways
Bonus Distribution: RoboBusiness
Space Close: 7/18/2018 | Materials Due: 7/23/2018
Oct Hardware-Based Security Solutions MCU Development Kits 8-bit and 16-bit Microcontrollers
Bonus Distribution: SoC Conference, ARM TechCon
Space Close: 8/17/2018 | Materials Due: 8/23/2018
Nov 3-D Printing for Embedded Design Analog and Mixed-Signal ICs FPGA Boards
Space Close: 9/18/2018 | Materials Due: 9/21/2018
Dec Embedded Supercomputing Industrial IoT Devices DC-DC Converters
Bonus Distribution: ESC Silicon Valley
Space Close: 10/18/2018 | Materials Due: 10/23/2018


  • Prepay available upon request. Confirm with your sales representative upon booking. 4% discount for 6 – 11 month contract. 8% discount for 12 months or more. The contract must be paid in full to qualify.
  • New Advertisers: First ad prepaid, then Net 30 on approved credit.
  • US Advertiser Credit Terms: Net 30
  • Outside US Terms: Ads must be prepaid prior to space closing date.
  • All payment must be made in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank. Funds may be wired. Contact Circuit Cellar’s Advertising Department.

Special Billing Charges

  • Digital ads are required. Corrections/changes to existing ads and manipulation of digital files will incur additional production charges and will be reflected on the invoice for that issue month.
  • Production charges apply for the conversion of files from RGB into CMYK. (Note: Photos and graphics found on websites are usually in RGB mode and are often of poor quality for printing.)

Send artwork and billing inquiries to: Nathaniel Black
[email protected]

For large files, we recommend sending via

*Bonus distributions (and dates) are subject to change. Confirm with your Circuit Cellar representative.