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Using AI for Improved Home Safety 

Written by Sam Weitzman
Topics Discussed How can AI be used to improve home safety? How can I make my pool safer for my children? How can technology help prevent accidental drowning? Tech Used AI vision Recent years have seen a steady rise in artificial intelligence (AI) technology entering the home. As of 2019, roughly one in four households owned a smart speaker, such as an Amazon Echo or a Google Home [1]. The potential uses for AI in the home, however, stretch far beyond the convenience of having a speaker that doubles as a digital assistant. Many tech companies are now exploring AI applications that can be used in the home to increase safety in exciting and innovative ways. While integrating AI with home safety platforms may sound like something pulled out of a Stanley Kubrick science-fiction film, its implications are nothing to be afraid of. As it stands, AI technology can save hundreds—if not, thousands—of lives by alerting homeowners to dangerous situations before they become worse. An estimated 390 fatal drownings occur in pools each year in the United States alone—averaging roughly one every day [2]. And according to the CDC, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children ages one to 14, second only to motor vehicle crashes [3]. Yet, many of these deaths are preventable if more homeowners were to implement life-saving AI technology in their homes. How AI can be the last line of defense in preventing accidental drownings Of course, nothing could serve as a complete substitute for constant adult supervision in these circumstances. However, there are instances in which—despite the best of our efforts—our little ones could end up in a dangerous or life-threatening situation. It only takes one second for a child to slip out of our line of sight. But some hazards can be avoided should AI home safety technology be implemented [4]. In this sense, AI is an extra line of defense we can fall back on if our first fails. Many of the
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Using AI for Improved Home Safety 

by Sam Weitzman time to read: 5 min