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Five Ways to Make Your Designs Future-Ready

Written by Vito Savino
Topics Discussed Embedded System Design Product Design Planning Tech Used Design Stratagies The disruption caused by the recent chip shortage wreaked havoc on engineering resources and design cycle times, which forced design teams to scrounge for components anywhere they could get them and to prioritize getting a part—any part!—over preference in some cases. Companies were caught short because they had not considered parts’ availability in their planning. That’s particularly common at the design stage, where component selection is typically driven by performance and cost. The effects of the chip shortage reinforced the point that engineers can help prepare for future disruptions by thinking more like their supply chain counterparts in the early stages of product design. See Figure 1 for engineers’ responses to a 2022 Avnet survey on the effects and planned responses to the chip shortage. FIGURE 1In September 2022, Avnet surveyed 1,605 professionals worldwide involved with electronic components to understand how they had been impacted by the chip shortage and what steps they were taking as a result. Engineers were asked what design strategies they planned to implement to manage the disruption and create more resilient designs for the future. We’re engineers at Avnet who are deeply involved in component selection and board design, and we’d like to share with you five of our top strategies for making our designs more future-ready. Design in standard components whenever possible: Within a design, there are opportunities to use standards-based products for some of the functionality, and the designer should identify the multiple sources available for these devices and qualify several of them for future source options. It’s important to qualify these second sources during the design phase to avoid emergency situations down the road when engineering resources may no longer be available or familiar with the desig
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Five Ways to Make Your Designs Future-Ready

by Vito Savino time to read: 3 min