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Embedded Systems in Favor of Modern Technologies

Written by Al Mahmud Al Mamun

Please join me in extending best wishes to Jeff Child, in his future career endeavors. It has been a great pleasure working with Jeff and his contributions to Circuit Cellar have been invaluable — THANK YOU, JEFF!

We are excited to welcome Al Mahmud Al Mamun to our team. He comes to us with a background in engineering, research, and publishing. His master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering will be an enormous asset in upholding the Circuit Cellar mission.

KC Prescott

I am honored to be joining the Circuit Cellar team and I am looking forward to continuing the Circuit Cellar mission of Inspiring the Evolution of Embedded Design.

From the beginning of my engineering education, robotics, artificial intelligence, and smart technologies became my passion. My university thesis/project, was a fantastic experience working with Raspberry Pi to develop a smart library assistant system embedded with the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual assistant technology, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through research and studies, I have acquired an understanding of modern technology and written many books, research papers, and technical articles covering a variety of topics. Embedded technologies play such an important role in our present and future world.

I believe we are living in the greatest time of technology, our world relies on electronics and computing technologies. Nowadays, embedded technologies are becoming necessary for the IoT, robotics, industrial machines, medical equipment, agricultural devices, driverless vehicles, drones, airplanes, toys, as well as all of the areas of our modern tech life. Embedded technologies are a game-changer, especially for AI, presenting great opportunities for development.

Embedded systems enable us to deal with integrating hardware and software at a nano-scale that helps for better utilization of AI and machine learning techniques. Generally, a robot is an embedded system consisting of several sensors and chips on which software runs to simulate AI and machine learning tasks for any industrial environments and many others.

There is no doubt that increasing the field of AI and IoT gives us a great opportunity to make the reality of smart transportation. Smart vehicles, intelligent traffic systems, autonomous railway systems, and other modern transportation are related to AI and IoT, where embedded technology plays the role of a bridge to connect them.

The embedded systems are a combination of microprocessor-based computing hardware and software that is designed for dedicated functions. In the 1960s, the journey of modern embedded systems began through the Apollo Guidance Computer developed by Dr. Charles Stark Draper at MIT’s Apollo Program. Day by day, the embedded system is becoming more and more popular because of its small size, power consumption, minimizing cost, and higher performance. It enables great flexibility for multi-level applications in a large variety of fields, and it is highly customizable to industry requirements. The global embedded systems market size is expected to grow from $100.33 billion in 2020 to $137.70 billion in 2028 at a growing rate of 4.22% CAGR.

It’s fascinating to think about what our lives will be like and what all of this development and advancement in technology will produce. What will our lives be like in the next 5 or 10 years?
I am thrilled to be part of the team bringing you the latest updates and information on embedded and electronics technology, and sharing my passion for technology with you.


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Al Mahmud Al Mamun Former (March 2022-July 2022) Editor-in-Chief — Editor-in-Chief Circuit Cellar magazine. With a background in engineering, research, and publishing and a master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. His passions include Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Smart technologies.

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Embedded Systems in Favor of Modern Technologies

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