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Issue 261: Cap-Touch Amp Design, RL78 Intro, Embedded Linux, & More

The April issue is now available. As usual, it comprises a wide variety of content: a capacitive-touch amplifier design, an intro to using the Renesas RL78 for low-power apps, info on sigma-delta modulators, Linux software development tools, mesh networking tips, an interview with Dave Jones (of The Amp Hour and EEVblog) and more.

One of Dave Jones’s old projects from the ’80s. It’s a Veroboard construction with items from his junk bin (Source: D. Jones, CC261)

A portion of the PIC-based PodAmp schematic (Source: C. Denninger & J. Lichtenfeld, CC261)

You’ll also notice some changes this month to Circuit Cellar magazine and our website. They’re all for the better.

The magazine has an updated layout. We haven’t changed fonts or style, but we did add the imprint you can see on pages 6–7. Its purpose is to show you that we are an ever-growing international company dedicated to bringing you essential information on a variety of important advanced electronics topics.

I added our editorial calendar, as well as a brief summary of the content we have in queue, to page 2. The idea is to give you a clear idea of what we will cover and when you can expect it. Members frequently ask for this information, so it makes sense to make it easily accessible for everyone.

As for CircuitCellar.com, well, you’ve likely watched it change slowly over the past few months. We did this purposely. We developed the site in stages so readers wouldn’t be burdened with dead links and redirects. So, what’s new about the site?

The layout is a bit different. A few things are quickly apparent. One, the site is markedly brighter and easy on the eyes. Two, we created three distinct columns that provide you with easy access to handy articles, digital downloads, and more (see below). Three, we’re tagging and categorizing all the content on our site. Thus, you’ll find targeting specific information to be uncomplicated and immediately gratifying.

What sorts of content can you expect? The old site was fairly static. We’d make several changes each month and we’d run a few viewable articles. Now we’re constantly posting relevant content of all sorts. This means you can rely on CircuitCellar.com for all of your electronics engineering needs: DIY articles, engineering tips, industry news, product reviews, vendor information, issue previews, links to source code, and even job openings in electronics engineering and embedded design.

If you are constantly plugged in, you’ll find our website makes accessing your digital membership a cinch: just point and click to log in and download each issue! Plus, you can add our site to your RSS reader and read our content at your convenience (www.circuitcellar.com/feed/rss).

We are not finished building CircuitCellar.com. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll enable more social interaction, post more videos, and broaden our areas of coverage. I suggest you visit our site each day to get your fix of embedded technology news and info. And please recommend the site to colleagues, friends, and others who have a passion for microcontrollers, programming, and everything else that’s “inside the box.”

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Issue 261: Cap-Touch Amp Design, RL78 Intro, Embedded Linux, …

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