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Change Is in the Air

Written by KC Prescott

In the world of electronics one thing is for certain, things change. Some components get smaller while others get larger, some things get faster while others slow down, and some get more complex while others become simplified — beneficial contradictions, all advancing the field and improving everyday lives. These changes often create an air of excitement, the hum of new ideas, empowering possibilities, and resulting in more changes. On that note, I would like to announce an exciting change of our own, as we welcome Thomas Murphy to our team as the new Editor-in-Chief of Circuit Cellar.

Thomas comes to us with a strong background in media relations, content development, and communication strategies for today’s digital environment. With more than 15 years of experience covering electronics technology as a writer, journalist, editor, and overall tech enthusiast, he has honed his skills in both the corporate and media publishing environments.

Along with his wealth of experience in the technology sector, he brings a fresh, forward-looking perspective to the role. As our Editor-in-Chief, he will work with me and our talented team of editors, columnists, and authors to shape Circuit Cellar’s editorial future. Helping secure a future where Circuit Cellar continues to keep up with the tech advancements, delve into its workings, and build upon the solid foundation, knowledge, and skills all in the pursuit of change.

As if on cue, this issue’s feature article by David Smart starts us off with the creation of a unique adapter that has the potential to change and improve the mobile machine industry. David shared with us some of his knowledge regarding the changes that have come along in the agricultural industry over the years, his project’s progress, and ultimately his unique product.
Robert Lacoste continues his in-depth article series on Bluetooth. Part 2 gives an overview look at classic Bluetooth and the development of Bluetooth Low Energy. He also discusses a bit about how and why Bluetooth Low Energy came to be and compares their protocol stacks and how dual mode is possible.

The third feature comes from a familiar name to Circuit Cellar readers, Brian Millier, he addresses how changes in technology allow for the controls of a CNC machine to be replaced with an ESP microcontroller and Raspberry Pi Pico, eliminating the need for a PC and upgrading to the FluidNC software.

The columnists keep to the theme of change, as Bob Japenga continues his Mobile App development topic. Delving into the options and perks of multiple platforms from an embedded designer’s perspective. This is a great place to save some time and get a jump start on your own app development project. That is if you don’t get sidetracked by the world of sensors, as Stuart Ball presents an overview of available sensors and his design to measure and display Barometric Pressure. His exploration of the tech and the science behind it is sure to spark some creative uses of your own.

To wrap up the issue, Jeff Bachiochi (one of Circuit Cellar’s longest running columnists) expands on the sensor topic with a prototype project for logging multiple sensors — temperature, current, pressure, and distance sensors, which are connected to a single Heltec Kit 32 IoT development board — talk about a hot water furnace upgrade.

We hope you enjoy this edition of knowledge, innovation, and exciting changes and join us in welcoming Thomas Murphy to the team with issue #408.

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Change Is in the Air

by KC Prescott time to read: 2 min