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CC279: A Fresh Focus on Programmable Logic

We’re not finished adding new features to our magazine. Last month, we rolled out our redesign and told you a bit about Ayse K. Coskun, who is writing a new bimonthly Green Computing column. This month, we introduce you to columnist Colin O’Flynn.

Colin’s bimonthly column, Programmable Logic in Practice, debuts in this issue. His first article focuses on integrated logic analyzer tools and methods of debugging your FPGA designs (p. 46).

Future articles will continue to feature “advanced information about FPGAs,” Colin says. “I will cover topics including debugging tools, high-level synthesis, high-speed serial interfaces, hard-core processors, interfacing to memory, and so forth.

“To keep this column practical, I’m going to focus on real hardware and tools you will be using. When it comes to programmable logic, there is always a choice of vendors—and I don’t work for any of them.”

Colin is definitely “multimedia.” To help readers better understand each article’s topic, he has set up a companion website, ProgrammableLogicInPractice.com. He wants to avoid too many step-by-step instructions in print. Instead, such steps will be posted on the website, along with example project files and videos, where applicable.

Many Circuit Cellar readers are already familiar with Colin. Since 2002, we have published five articles from this Canadian electrical engineer, who is also a product developer and a lecturer at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS. Colin earned his master’s degree in applied science from Dalhousie and has also pursued graduate studies in cryptographic systems.
The topics he is pondering for future articles include circuit board layout for high-speed FPGAs, different methods of configuring an FPGA, designing memory into FPGA circuits, and use of vendor-provided and open-source soft-core microcontrollers.

Any designer or engineer interested in programmable logic technologies should check out Colin’s column in this and future issues.

Mary Wilsoneditor@circuitcellar.com

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CC279: A Fresh Focus on Programmable Logic

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