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3 Questions with Percepio CTO and Founder, Johan Kraft

Johan Kraft Percepio
Written by Kirsten Campbell

Why Percepio Tracealyzer instead of other similar software?

We provide a more capable solution when it comes to data visualization and analysis features. It’s like an X-ray for smart devices that speeds up development with better insight into the software’s runtime behavior. Good observability lets developers stay productive and not get stuck debugging. Plus, it helps them optimize software to improve performance and deterministic real-time behavior. Tracealyzer lets you spot various issues, anomalies, and variations in the software behavior from multiple visual overviews. Want to drill down at these locations to understand what’s going on? Just double-click for more details.

How can developers interpret and act upon data?

Tracealyzer was designed to help developers comprehend the data and make the right conclusions. It doesn’t just present the recorded data; it understands the meaning of events like memory allocation, thread communication, and synchronization. This offers a “360-degree view” of your software at runtime. The hallmark of Tracealyzer is the advanced Trace View, which shows a timeline of the recorded software execution, including thread execution, traced API calls, and user-defined events. Additionally, it provides various supporting features designed to simplify comprehension events like advanced filtering and view customization options.

How is Percepio evolving to meet the changing demands of real time system development in 2024 and beyond?

The future will require increasingly complex and connected software. Aka., more demand for observability—at the RTOS level and full-stack observability across all software layers. The combination of Tracealyzer and DevAlert offers a powerful platform for full-stack observability at the edge that lets developers cope with rising system complexity, stay productive, and develop better software at a lower cost. DevAlert provides cloud-based observability for embedded software where diagnostic data is sent automatically by the device when a problem or anomaly is detected. When combined with Tracealyzer SDK, DevAlert allows for customized full-stack observability outside the development lab. Think: during field trials and in deployed customer operations. We can’t wait to develop (and observe the future!)

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3 Questions with Percepio CTO and Founder, Johan Kraft

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