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Issue #354
January 2020
System Solutions for Drones
6: Motion/Gesture-Controlled Speakers : PIC32 Playback, By Jidenna Nwosu, Benjamin Francis and Ayomi Sanni
12: Device Measures Indoor Air Quality: Bluetooth-Based Design, By Carlo Tauraso
20: Sound Localization: Using a PIC32 MCU, By JinJie Chen and Alvin Pan
27: Choosing Real-Time Embedded System Products: 10 Key Tips, By Rodger Hosking
32: System Controller Manufacturing Test (Part 1): The Hardware, By Nishant Mittal and Manoj Khandelwal
36: System Solutions Accelerate Drone Development: Fast Track to Flight, By Jeff Child
42: Analog ICs Boast Battery Management Innovations: Perfecting Power, By Jeff Child
46: DATASHEET: COM Express Boards: Compact Performance, By Jeff Child
50: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Building Against Fault Injection Attacks: Cautious Coding, By Colin O’Flynn
54: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Relaxation Generator: Reloaded: Internet Era Upgrade, By Brian Millier
64: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Semiconductor Fundamentals (Part 5) More on FETs, By George Novacek
68: FROM THE BENCH: Shedding Light on Smart LED Design (Part 1): Programming and Pixels, By Jeff Bachiochi
76: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of IoT as Safety Resource: Safer Living Through AI and IoT, By Jen Bernier-Santarini

Issue #355
February 2020
Embedded Vision Systems
6: Build a 4-DOF Robotic Arm (Part 2): The Before and After Math, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico
14: Tunable Spectrum Light Fixture: Intelligent Illumination, By Emmett Milliken
20: System Controller Manufacturing Test (Part 2): The Software, By Nishant Mittal
26: Programming the Cortex-M4 in Assembly: Flex Your Arm Skills, By David Ludington
38: High Performance on a Small Form Factor: Core-Driven and Compact, By Jürgen Jungbauer
40: Embedded Vision Systems Adopt AI and IoT Tech: Smarter Machine Vision, By Jeff Child
46: Board-Level Solutions Dress for IoT Duty: Ruggedness at the Edge, By Jeff Child
50: DATASHEET: A-D Converters: Integration and Innovation, By Jeff Child
53: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Semiconductor Fundamentals: (Part 6) High-Power MOSFETs, By George Novacek
56: THE DARKER SIDE: Group Delay Basics: More Filter Fun, By Robert Lacoste
64: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: LoRa (Part 3): A Look at MachineQ, By Bob Japenga
68: FROM THE BENCH: Shedding Light on Smart LED Design (Part 2): Cube Puzzle with No Moving Parts, By Jeff Bachiochi
75: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of 3D Development: Tech Advances Raise 3D Modeling to New Level, By Eric Conover

Issue #356
March 2020
Medical Wearables
6: Build a Composite Video: Text Terminal: Using TI’s TM4C MCU, By Stuart Ball
12: LoRa-Based Tracking System: SARNet Aids Search and Rescue, By James Lawton, Callum Munn-Middleton and Cam Stauffer
20: Periodic Table Desktop: Trainer: Built Using PIC16 MCU, By Devlin Gualtieri
26: A Deep Dive Into LPWAN: IoT Sensor Connectivity, By Wolfgang Thieme
32: Solutions Evolve for: Medical Wearable Designs: MCUs, Analog ICs and Sensors, By Jeff Child
38: PCB Assembly Services: Parts, Prototypes, Production, By Jeff Child
42: DATASHEET: Industrial Power Supplies: Factory Functionality, By Jeff Child
46: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: USB Attacks and More with GreatFET: Facedancer Fun, By Colin O’Flynn
52: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Redefining the Kilogram: From Metal to Math, By George Novacek
54: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Dehumidifier Revamped for the IoT Era: Wireless Control, By Brian Millier
66: FROM THE BENCH: Taking RPLIDAR Out for a Spin (Part 1) Command Interface, By Jeff Bachiochi
74: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of Data in Robotics: Distilling Insights from Tomorrow’s Digital Exhaust, By Jeff Linnell

Issue #357
April 2020
Camera Integration for Drones
6: Build a Rhythm Gesture Game: With RF Comms and PIC32, By Kristina Nemeth, Jennifer Fuhrer and Joshua Diaz
12: Intro to Ardupilot and PX4 (Part 1): Drone Autopilot Solutions, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico
20: Build a Soap Carving System: MCU Motor Control, By Ho-Jung Yang and Jared Gallina
26: Mapping Tool Leverages LIDAR Technology: Affordable 3D Map Creation, By Andrew Orme, Nicholas Gee, Alex Gowans and Duncan Stannard
32: Laser 3D Scanner Uses Raspberry Pi: Meshes and Motors, By Michael Xiao and Thomas Scavella
40: Drone Camera Solutions Aim for New Heights: Eyes in the Skies Evolve, By Jeff Child
46: Embedded PCs Gear Up for In-Vehicle Duties: Intelligent Transportation, By Jeff Child
52: DATASHEET: 32-Bit Microcontrollers: System Chips, By Jeff Child
56: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: LoRa (Part 4): Building a Prototype LoRa Device, By Bob Japenga
62: THE DARKER SIDE: DSSS in a Nutshell: The Power of Patterns at Play, By Robert Lacoste
68: FROM THE BENCH: Taking RPLIDAR Out for a Spin (Part 2): Intelligence Upgrade, By Jeff Bachiochi
74: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of Robotics: How Rotary Encoders Will Serve Mobile Robotics, By Jeff Smoot

Issue #358
May 2020
Solutions for Smart Agriculture
6: Proximity Food Delivery Notifier: Bluetooth-Based Design, By Kenichi Kato
14: Intro to Ardupilot and PX4: (Part 2) Building the Drone, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico
22: Build an Automated Pest Deterrent System: Using Raspberry Pi, By Cole Gamborski, Cameron Phillips and Simon Fowler
28: Creative Mechanical Ideas for Embedded Systems: Professional Style Projects, By Wolfgang Matthes
36: Modernizing the Accuracy of an Antique Clock: Using a PSoC4 MCU, By Aubrey Kagan
42: Smart Agriculture Designs Tap IoT Technologies: The Internet of Growing Things, By Jeff Child
50: Embedded Software Tools Bulk Up on Security: Connected System Concerns, By Jeff Child
54: DATASHEET: Mini-ITX and Pico-ITX SBCs: Performance Platforms, By Jeff Child
58: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Build a SoundFont MIDI Synthesizer (Part 1): Using Teensy 4, By Brian Millier
64: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Broad Market Secure MCUs: Spotlight on the MAX32520, By Colin O’Flynn
68: FROM THE BENCH: Upgrading the Weather Tree with I2C Interfacing, By Jeff Bachiochi
76: Product News
79: The Future of Linux Security: Securing Linux-Based Systems in 4 Steps, By Glenn Seiler

Issue #359
June 2020
Industrial IoT System Solutions
6: Build a Multi-Purpose GPS Tracker: BLE MCU-Based Design, By Carlo Tauraso
14: Retro-Computing Takes to the Cloud: Old Meets New, By Todd Wade
22: Build a Robotic S’more Maker: Using Computer Vision and RPi, By Katie Bradford and Jared Gallina
30: 4-20mA Transmitter Test Board Project: Programmable 2-Wire 4-20mA Design, By Mandar Bagul
40: Systems Focus Tops Industrial IoT Trends: Factories and Frameworks, By Jeff Child
48: Sensor Advances Push Performance Barriers: Meeting IoT-Era Demands, By Jeff Child
53: DATASHEET: AC-DC Power Supplies: Tailored Solutions, By Jeff Child
56: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: LoRa (Part 5): A MachineQ Example, By Bob Japenga
60: THE DARKER SIDE: A Look at Homemade TCXOs (Part 1): Crystal Crafting, By Robert Lacoste
67: FROM THE BENCH: Measuring Soil Moisture with ADCs: Capacitors as Garden Tools, By Jeff Bachiochi
74: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of Smart City Lighting: Smart Poles: A Thermal Management Challenge, By Tom Gregory

Issue #360
July 2020
PCB Design and Verification
6: Calibrating an MCU’s RTC Using GPS: Put Time on Your Side, By Stuart Ball
14: Tool Estimates IoT Device Battery Life: BattLab-One, By Doug Peters
20: IoT System Design Challenges: Connected Complexities, By Nishant Mittal
26: Build an NTSC Racing Video Game: Using a PIC32 MCU, By Brandon Guo, Dustin Hwang and Haley Lee
32: Auto Design Safety Analysis – Reloaded: Understanding and Simplifying FMEDAs, By Chuck Battikha and Doug Smith
38: PCB Design Tools Up Their Systems Game: Coping with Complexities, By Jeff Child
42: FPGAs and GPUs Flex Their AI Muscles: Chip-Level Supercomputing, By Jeff Child
49: DATASHEET: IoT Interface Modules: Wireless Wonders, By Jeff Child
52: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Build a SoundFont MIDI Synthesizer (Part 2): The Firmware and Circuitry, By Brian Millier
60: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Building the ChipJabber-Unplugged: Old-School Glitching, By Colin O’Flynn
66: FROM THE BENCH: Oil Tank Gauge Uses Ultrasonic Sensing: Arduino in Action, By Jeff Bachiochi
74: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79 The Future of Intelligent Vehicle Telematics: Telematics -The Auto Industry’s Black Box, By Dr. James J. Hunt

Issue #361
August 2020
ICs for Automotive Designs
6: Writing MAVSDK/PX4 Drone Applications: Autonomous Flying Fun, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico
16: EEG Error Correction Interface: Anxiety Takes Control, By Rebecca Bell, Emma Kaufman and Chloe Kuo
22: Build a TV Commercial Killer: C-B-G: New Simplified Redesign, By Tommy Tyler
30: Build a Gesture-Controlled Camera Platform: Using a PIC32 MCU, By Kunpeng Huang, Siqi Qian and Xinyi Yang
38: Diverse IC Types Drive Automotive Innovations: Multi-Pronged Evolution, By Jeff Child
46: Display Advances Serve Embedded Needs: Easier Integration, By Jeff Child
50: DATASHEET: Open-Spec SBCs: Community Computing, By Jeff Child
54: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: LoRa: (Part 6) A MachineQ Example Continued, By Bob Japenga
58 THE DARKER SIDE: Making Heads or Tails of RMS Measurements: Your Gaussian Guide, By Robert Lacoste
66: FROM THE BENCH: Build a Joystick Interface for Flight Sims: Using Trusted RC Hardware, By Jeff Bachiochi
74: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of Smart Buildings: A Smarter Approach to Connected Buildings, By Stefan Berggren

Issue #362
September 2020
Technology for Robotics
6: Machine Vision Random Number Generator: Using the Raspberry Pi, By Devlin Gualtieri
16: Write an Object Tracking Drone Application: Using OpenCV, MAVSDK and PX4, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico
26: Forearm-Controlled Robotic Hand: Sensors and Servos, By Cassandra Scarpa and Caeli MacLennan
34: Frequency Independent Phase Shifter: Precise Solution, By Nishant Mittal
38: Build a Music Composition Assistant: PIC32-Based PICcompose, By Diane Sutyak, Tara van Nieuwstadt and Laasya Renganathan
42: Embedded Solutions Step Up for Robotics Duties: Systems, Boards and Chips, By Jeff Child
49: Rugged SBCs Bulk Up for Harsh Environment Work: Toughness Trending, By Jeff Child
55: DATASHEET: Application-Specific MCUs: Focused Feature Sets, By Jeff Child
58: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: IC Packaging and Physical Security: Do They Affect One Another?, By Colin O’Flynn
62: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Customer Counter Uses ESP32 MCU: A COVID-19 Era Tool, By Brian Millier
70: FROM THE BENCH: Dusting Off the Vinyl: Wireless-Connected Turntable, By Jeff Bachiochi
76: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of Workplace Productivity: Low-Power IoT Networking Solves Smart Building Challenges, By Byron BeMiller

Issue #363
October 2020
Technologies for Smart Cities
6: Building a Power Rail Probe: An Exercise in Low-Noise Design, By Andrew Levido
14: Design a Wireless Tracking Device: Smart Antenna Choices, By Geoff Schulteis
18: A Review: V5 Plus Drone Flight Controller: Hands-On Evaluation, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico
26: Code Size vs. Memory Footprint: And Why They Matter, By Steve Graves
30: Balancing a Ball on a Touchscreen: Using a PID Controller, By Gregory Kaiser and Samuel Feibel
35: Smart Cities Leverage IoT Building Blocks: Chips, Systems and Services, By Jeff Child
44: Raspberry Pi Roundup: A Bounty of HATs and Clones, By Jeff Child
50: DATASHEET: Embedded PCs: Integrated Solutions, By Jeff Child
56: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: LoRa (Part 7): Building a Prototype LoRa Device, By Bob Japenga
60: FROM THE BENCH: White Hot: Measuring Color Temperature: Using an Arduino Mega, By Jeff Bachiochi
68: THE DARKER SIDE: An Introduction to Stub Filters: A Wire to Nowhere, By Robert Lacoste
75: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of Modular Edge Processing: Three Real-World Intelligent Infrastructure Applications, By Dan Demers

Issue #364
November 2020
5G Wireless Technologies
6: Wearable for Self-Isolated COVID-19 Patients: SmartWristband, By Andrei Florian
16: Building a Smart Weather Cube: Using a Raspberry Pi 3B+, By Alberto Lopez Delgado and Carlos Gutierrez
24: Making a Retro Dumb Terminal: 8-bit Design for 8-bit Projects, By Brian B. Beard
34: Stringless Bass Guitar Uses PIC32: Sensors and Synthesis, By Peter Cook, Jackson Kopitz, and Caitlin Stanton
40: Technology Innovation Propels 5G Forward: Wireless World Reshuffles, By Jeff Child
48: Motion Control Solutions Target Industrial Systems: Chips and Modules, By Jeff Child
53: DATASHEET: Tiny Embedded Boards: Mini but Mighty, By Jeff Child
56: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Low-Level Automotive ECU Security: Vehicle Vulnerabilities, By Colin O’Flynn
60: FROM THE BENCH: Voltage Regulators: Beat the Heat, By Jeff Bachiochi
68: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: A Multipurpose Signal Generator: Using the ESP32, By Brian Millier
75: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79 The Future of IP Protection:  Security from Inception: Why IP Protection is Essential, By Stefan Skarin

Issue #365
December 2020
ICs for Machine Learning
6: Device Monitors Home Air-Quality and CO2: The IntlAir Project, By Andrei Florian
16: Breathalyzer Links to Car’s Ignition System: Using an NXP LPC802 MCU, By Julia Paglia
22: True Random Number Generation: Using Comparators, By Wolfgang Matthes
31: Understanding the Ultra96 Board (Part 1): The Hardware, By Nishant Mittal
36: Build a Line Follower Robot: With Arduino and PID Control, By Alexandru Dumitrache
42: IC and Software Solutions Enable Machine Learning: FPGAs, MCUs and Software, By Jeff Child
50: App-Specific Trend Drives Test and Measurement Gear: Market Mindset, By Jeff Child
55: DATASHEET: DC-DC Converters: Technology Charging Ahead, By Jeff Child
58: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: FreeRTOS (Part 1): Intro to Real Time Operating Systems, By Bob Japenga
62: FROM THE BENCH: Automated TV Antenna Positioning System: Zeroing in on HDTV, By Jeff Bachiochi
68: THE DARKER SIDE: Voltage-Level Translation Techniques: Managing Mixed-Voltages, By Robert Lacoste
75: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of of Chiplets: Specialized Chiplets Revive Moore’s Law, By Syed Alam

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