Electrical Engineering Challenge

The monthly Electrical Engineering Challenge (sponsored by NetBurner) is your chance to put your technical skills to test. Find the error in the code/schematic for a chance to win a NetBurner MOD54415 LC Development Kit ($129 value) or a Circuit Cellar Digital Subscription (1 year).


Circuit Cellar’s technical editors purposely inserted an error in the code below (click image to enlarge). It could be a syntax error, undeclared variables, spelling errors, or some other problem that could cause the issues with the program. Find the error and submit your answer via the form below by the deadline of January 20, 2016. Circuit Cellar will randomly select winners from the pool of respondents who submit the correct answer. Rules, Terms & ConditionsEE challenge cc_6



This challenge ends on the 20th of the month at 2:00 PM EST.

**See Rules, Terms & Conditions for a complete list of prizes and eligibility.

Sponsored by NetBurner
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