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Amazon Electronics, Inc.
We supply low cost (starting from $11) programmers (PIC, Atmel, EEPROM etc.). We also have a range of digital camera modules. In addition we also have projects, kits, books, electronic components, tools, wire, batteries, meters, enclosures, alarm systems, and more!

The Boardshop
The Boardshop specializes in low cost tools for I2C-bus application development. Products support I2C master functionality, dedicated and custom I2C slave device support, I2C EEProm programming, DLL for custom software development, and I2C bus tracing/monitoring. Tools run on any Windows™ 9x-XP PC platform.

Dataman Programmers
We provide a variety of device programmers ranging from single chip to Gang programmers, ROM emulators, as well as device validators for the gaming industry. We also carry a full line of modules, adapters and accessories for each product line. All items are stocked and ready for immediate shipping. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, C.O.D as well as Net 30 day terms (with proper credit references).


Logical Systems: Adapter Solutions
Logical Systems Corporation designs and manufactures programming adapters, prototyping adapters, emulator adapters and SMT to thru-hole adapters. Adapters are available for thousands of devices. Custom designs and smt services are available from our in-house design and production facilities.

Metalink Corp.
The Leader in 8051 In-Circuit Emulators since MetaLink invented the Personal-Computer based 8051 emulator in 1984! All of our products are full-featured, real-time, and non-intrusive–No Cheap ROM Monitors! Prices range from $499 for a 40 MHz 8032 iceMASTER-PE with trace, to the very powerful $5000 MetaICE with unique features such as Break On Stack Overflow.

Phyton is your one-stop-tool-shop for high-end, yet affordable development tools for 8051, 80196, PICmicro, AVR, and XEMICS CoolRISC embedded microcontrollers. We offer in-circuit emulators, in-circuit debuggers, compilers, assemblers, software simulators, and universal programmers integrated under control of easy-to-use Project IDE.

Signum Systems
Signum Systems provides development, emulation and debugging tools for microcontrollers and DSPs. Currently, the company supports 8051, 80186, 80196, 8085, Z8, ARM, OMAP, TriCore, C166 microcontrollers and TMS320C1x, C2x, C3x, C5x, C2000, C5000 and C6000 family DSPs. Most emulation tools are available with real-time trace capability and complex breakpoints.

Xeltek Inc.
We offer a wide spectrum of universal IC programmers that are high performance but yet affordable. Our latest addition is SuperPro 3000U. This new model offers USB interface, PC and stand-alone operation, ultra fast programming speed, and supports 10,000+ devices including ultra low voltage (1.5V) ICs. Click on our link to see our competitive pricing.

Acqura Systems —

Andromeda Research —

Altronix Ltd —

ALPTEX, Inc. —


Canerdian Affordable Technology —

Danville Signal Processing, Inc. — —

Forchip Co. —

HVW Technologies —

ICE Technology —

Logical Systems Corp. —

Quadravox —

SofTec Microsystems —

Taylor River Real Time, LLC —

TechTools —

Total Phase, Inc. —

Wytec Company —

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Emulators / Programmers – Vendor Directory

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