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Embedded PCs (2020)

Written by Jeff Child

Integrated Solutions

Gone are the days when box-level embedded computers, also known as Embedded PCs, were strictly custom-built offerings. Today, several vendors offer extensive product lines of embedded PCs of all sizes and configurations, and for diverse applications including industrial system monitoring, energy system control and more.

  • What’s happening in embedded PCs?

  • BOXER-6641 from Aaeon

  • ADLINK Technology’s Matrix series MVP-5100-MXM

  • EPC-T4286 from Advantech

  • LYNX-6110 from American Portwell Technology

  • Axiomtek’s eBOX640-521-FL

  • ASB200-918 series from Ibase

  • Kontron’s KBox B-202-CFL

  • Lanner’s LEC-7242

  • Helix 500 from OnLogic

  • Sintrones’ ABOX-5210G

  • PL-50030 from WIN Enterprise


For many years, the mid- to high-end of embedded computing revolved around single-board computers (SBCs). But a decade or so ago, a new class of computing solution emerged—the notion of an enclosed, integrated computing system to which system integrators could link their interfaces. Many such systems used to be common as custom-built units, but vendors shifted to offering them as off-the-shelf products. These systems are called a number of names including industrial PCs, rugged stand-alone box systems and embedded PCs. These systems are attractive to system developers that want a high-level of integration to start with—so that don’t have to deal with making different SBCs and I/O boards work together, for example.

Attempting to keep this Datasheet roundup focused was a challenge because box-level embedded computing has grown into a broad category of products. With that in mind, the representative products included in this article’s product gallery is restricted to embedded PCs in the literal sense of systems with PC-architecture computing (Intel or AMD processing) and Windows OS support. The gallery also excludes box-level systems that are marketed as application-specific systems—aimed at vehicles, digital signage, railway systems, vision system and so forth. It gets murky because many of the systems in this article can and are used in transportation, for example, so there is that kind of overlap.

For its system that enables bats and wind turbines to coexist, Fleximaus chose the KBox A-150-APL embedded PC from Kontron. The KBox A-150-APL embeds an Intel Pentium Quad Core N4200 processor.

An example of an embedded PC application is a system developed by Fleximaus that allows bats and wind turbines to coexist (Figure 1). The Fleximaus solution is based on intelligent software that is able to evaluate the environmental conditions detected by rain and temperature sensors and use this data to effectively control the wind farms in order to drastically reduce the dangers for hunting bats. An essential technical component of the solution is an industrial PC with integrated soft PLC. For the embedded PC, Fleximaus chose the KBox A-150-APL from Kontron. According to Fleximaus, the KBox A-150-APL was selected because of its fanless, rugged design, which guarantees an extended service life and high system availability. Other factors in the selection included KBox’s compact design, its wide range of interfaces and its expansion options. The KBox A-150-APL embeds an Intel Pentium Quad Core N4200 processor.


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Embedded PCs (2020)

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