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Antona Corporation
We manufacture and resell a variety of serial interface adapters for experimenter, engineer and professional application. Whether you need CMOS/TTL, RS422, RS485 converted from RS232, USB or Ethernet, check out our converter product line. Our adapter products are now RoHS compliant (lead free) and very competitively priced.


INSTOCK Wireless Components
INSTOCK Wireless Components designs and manufactures RF Microwave Power Dividers, Combiners and Splitters for all wireless-band frequencies from 0.4-6.0 GHz.  Product line includes 2-way through 16-way configurations, with type N-female and SMA-female connectors, handling power levels to 40 watts.  From UHF to WiMAX and everything in between…Better Products…Better Prices…INSTOCK!

Lemos International Co. Inc, a multi-national technology company specializing in supply and technical support for the range of Radiometrix Low Power RF Modules and Engineering Development kits in North America. With the products and expertise of Lemos International, you are assured of support to get your Wireless Connectivity based applications to market, ahead of the competition. 173, 418, 433, 868, 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping Tranceiver.


Linx Technologies, Inc.
Linx Technologies is a leading manufacturer of cost-effective RF modules which allow wireless capabilities to be easily and quickly added to any product. Linx also offers pre-certified transmitters, receivers, transceivers and a large selection of antennas and connectors.

Tibbo Technology, Inc.
Tibbo offers hardware and software tools for rapid embedded system development. Use our BASIC-programmable Embedded modules to quickly create smart, web-enabled devices or add network functionality to an existing one. Code & debug your Tibbo-BASIC applications using free Tibbo IDE software (no ICE required). Combine your devices in a distributed system with our AggreGate software.


Willies Computer Software Co. (WCSC)
Developers of serial communication development tools & libraries, DLL, TSR, and drivers for all Windows and MSDOS. Includes Zmodem, Xmodem, Ymodem file transfer, multidrop, & nine bit protocol (RS485), byte time stamping, & modem communications. Customization of products is available. Economical RS232, RS422, RS485 multiport serial cards.

DPAC Technologies—

Abacom Technologies —

Advanced Vehicle —

ARS Technologies —

Connecticut microComputer —

Copeland Communications, Inc. —

Danville Signal Processing, Inc. —

Gigahertz Electronics —

Logic Supply, Inc. —

OKW Electronics —

Radicom —

Street Rod Digital —

Tibbo Technology —

Web51 —

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Communications – Vendor Directory

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