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FreeRTOS™ is a proven reliable, open source, mini RTOS for small to medium sized embedded systems – it is free to download and use (T’s and C’s apply). Each port includes a pre-configured example application permitting ‘out of the box’ development. Both free and commercial support is available, along with full development services.

Micro Digital, founded in 1975, was one of the first embedded-systems software companies. For all of these years, Micro Digital has been dedicated to providing services and developing excellent productsfor the embedded OEM marketplace. Our products have been developed with our customers’ needs in mind, and with emphasis on quality, support, and documentation.

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Quantum Leaps,
Quantum Leaps provides lightweight, open source, state machine-based, event-driven frameworks for real-time embedded systems. Our flagship product is the QP family of event-driven frameworks, which enable true event-driven programming with concurrent UML state machines (statecharts) in C and C++ without big tools.

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BIOS/RTOS – Vendor Directory

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