Design Contest Flash Innovation 2003

Tilt Detector

Motorola Flash Innovation 2003 – Design Contest
First Prize

Hua Zhou


The Tilt Detector is based on a 68HC908QT4 microcontroller. The small detector can measure 360° of tilt and display the result on its LCD, which is controlled by only two pins. The tilt data is stored in the detector and can be displayed on the screen. The detector can handle operations, or it can send stored data to a PC. In order to improve the measurement accuracy, the gadget can calibrate the sensor and save the calibration parameters for better performance. It can also measure acceleration in the range of –2 to +2 g. There are two versions of the circuit: one is a digital version, which is powered by an input capture function with high accuracy, and the other is a low-cost analog version, which is powered by the inner ADC.

Supporting Files

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Contest Ended: June 30, 2003

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Tilt Detector

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