Design Contest Flash Innovation 2003

Smart Tracker 2: An Innovative Wire Tracker

Motorola Flash Innovation 2003 – Design Contest
First Prize

Robert Lacoste


The Smart Tracker 2 is a low-cost, compact wire identification device. A 10-channel transmitter injects test signals into up to 10 wires. A small probe can be connected between any of the wires to identify both of them simultaneously, without a ground connection. The probe also identifies any short circuits between the wires. The transmitter has 10 outputs—each identified by a different color—with a small grabber on each end. The outputs, which are driven by a 68HC908QY4, are connected to one end of the wires to be identified, in any order. The receiver has two inputs (red and green) and 10 bicolor red/green LEDs, each of which is associated with one of the transmitter colors. The transmitter successively injects a binary word on each of the 10 outputs using a software-based bit-banging UART transmitter. The receiver can identify a wire by “listening” to the input.

Supporting Files

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