Design Contest Flash Innovation 2003


Motorola Flash Innovation 2003 – Design Contest
First Prize

Bruce Pride


The Smart-E-Touch is an intelligent, touch screen-based user interface design. A Nitron 68HC908QY4 microcontroller controls and monitors a pair of Motorola e-field sensors. The e-field sensors, in turn, monitor an XY grid on the PCB for the capacitive sensing of the touch screen. After the Nitron has translated a “touch” from the e-field sensor data, it then outputs an XY coordinate to its RS-232 serial port. A main system controller—a PC or equivalent controller—then receives this XY coordinate and can act upon it. The touch screen is built into the circuit board that houses the controller circuitry. So, the touch screen is part of the system controller board. The Smart-E-Touch is a natural replacement for resistive touch screens and custom-made user interfaces.

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