Electrical Engineering Crossword — October (327)

The answers to Circuit Cellar 327‘s crossword are now available.327 Crossword grid (key)


1. FIRMWARE—Executable software stored within a ROM
4. INFINITE—An incalculable number that extends indefinitely
5. ZENER—PN-junction diode designed to operate in the reverse-bias breakdown region
9. NETLIST—File that lists all connections needed to produce a PCB
11. ENCODER—Device used to encode a signal or character from one format to another
12. OCTAL—Number system based on powers of eight
14. PITCH—Nominal distance from center to center of adjacent pins or leads
17. BASIC—Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
18. LASER—Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
19. REGISTER—Storage space on a processor that holds an instruction, an address or data
20. WAVELENGTH—This is equal to the velocity divided by the frequency



2. WAFER—Slice of semiconductor material upon which monolithic ICs are produced
3. JUMPER—Short length of wire used to complete a circuit
6. EXECUTABLE—File containing object code that’s ready for executing
7. NIBBLE—Four consecutive bits. Half of a byte
8. BREAKPOINT—Used in debugging programs A location to stop executing program code.
10. TRANSCEIVER—Circuit that Transmits and Receives a signal on the same line
13. COMPILER—Software that translates high-level language programs into machine-language instructions
15. HEAP—Area of memory used for dynamic memory allocation
16. RECURSIVE—A characteristic of software that calls itself