Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 311)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s June 2016 electrical engineering crossword puzzle are now available.


  1. BELL—Was incorrectly credited for Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci’s invention
  2. ZEPTO—z; 10<super>–21
  3. NOISE—Hiss
  4. FEMTO—1,000<super>–5
  5. MICROCODE—Firmware
  6. AMORPHOUS—Silicon used in LCDs and solar cells
  7. PLASMA—”Anything formed”
  8. VELOCITY—m/s
  9. TACHOMETER—Measures a shaft’s rate of revolution


  1. VOLT—Potential energy/charge
  2. THOMSON—Discovered electron in 1896
  3. ELECTROSCOPE—A “gold-leaf” apparatus used to detect electric charge
  4. BUTTERWORTH—BT filter
  6. BOLTZMANN—Constant, k <sub> B
  7. MIXEDSIGNAL—IC with digital and analog circuits [2 words]
  8. PYRAMID—Volume: 1/3Bh, where B is the base’s area and h is height
  9. ELECTRON—E <super> –
  10. PLACEMENT—The step before routing in PCB design
  11. BOHR—Danish physicist (1885–1962), atomic structure, quantum theory