Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 304)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s November 2015 electrical engineering crossword puzzle are now available.304-empty-grid-(key)


  1. DRYCELL—A battery cell with a paste electrolyte (two words)
  2. RAIL—Part of a power supply that has the highest voltage or current-delivery capability
  3. DECADE—10 consecutive units
  4. TELSA—Flex density unit
  5. LOGARITHM—Computational system based on powers of 10
  6. PEAK—Brief increase in signal energy
  7. SHUNT—To bypass
  8. SIBILANCE—Vocal sound
  9. INFRASONIC—Range of sound frequencies below 20 Hz


  1. PASCAL—1 newton/cm2
  2. XTAL—Crystal
  4. GATE—Automatic control circuit that sets the threshold level at which a dynamic processor starts to take effect
  5. ZERO—Null
  6. DRIFT—Shift of circuit parameters away from optimum settings
  7. TANGENT—Straight line that touches a circle at a single point
  8. CORE—Hub around which the windings of a transformer or inductor are wrapped
  9. EMITTER—Region of a bipolar transistor into which electrons are introduced to the semiconductor material
  10. UNIPIVOT—Single pivot
  11. NANO—1,000,000,000