Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 301)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s August 2015 electrical engineering crossword puzzle are now available.301 crosswordgrid


  2. NODE—Point of minimum amplitude
  3. AVOGADRO—6.0221415×1023 atoms/mole?
  4. DECODE—Covert a digital signal back to an analog signal
  5. ROGERS—Founded MIT in 186
  6. STATOR—Non-rotating part of an electric motor
  7. NIBBLE—A half-byte
  9. TETRODE—Vacuum tube with four elements
  10. FILTERSLOPE—The steepness or severity of a filter’s attenuation [two words]
  11. OMNIDIRECTIONAL—Uniform propagation of energy in all directions


  1. BITERROR—The loss of a single bit in a digital word [two words]
  2. KLUDGE—Poor solution
  3. BIDIRECTIONAL—A figure-eight polar pattern
  4. HANDSHAKE—Signal exchange to start or finish a function
  5. TRACE—A line of conductive material on a PCB
  6. JFET—FET in which the gate consists of a p-n junction
  7. YOTTA—1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
  8. NINE—Nonet
  9. NTSC—Analog television system
  10. DELIMIT—Set limits
  11. IRON—Fe