Deadline: August 31, 2012

Entry Tips

1) Make and Submit Your Entry
2) Final Entry Checklist
3) Examples

QUESTIONS: If you still have questions after reviewing the information below, e-mail us at We strongly urge you to contact us at least a week before the Contest ends. Modifying code can take a long time, so the sooner you reach us, the better. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.


The term “Entry” refers to your Abstract, Complete Documentation, and Code collectively (e.g., all together in one ZIP file). After you create the Abstract, Complete Documentation, and Code, you need to put together your Entry. Organization can really make a difference. The information below should help you organize your Entry in a way that will impress the judges.

Clearly Label Your Files: Make things easy for the judges. Label your files with straightforward, descriptive titles for easy identification. For example, when you’re labeling a photo:

• Do use: photo1_top_view.jpg
• Don’t use: top.jpg

Use ZIP or RAR files: Package your individual files in a zip or rar file. Label it with your registration number. Example: RL9999_entry.ZIP. Organize the files within your ZIP or RAR file in folders. Label the folders and files with obvious titles. We suggest that you do NOT change the file/folder structure of your code files from how they are on your PC. Making changes can make building the project troublesome.

Helpful web sites:
WinZip web site
WinRAR web site


• Abstract
• Complete documentation
• Code
• Project description
• Block diagram
• Schematic
• Photograph
• Source code
• Use your Registration Number for labeling
• Remove your name from your entry files
• The preferred submission method is to upload your project files to the Contest Dropbox .
(Or send project files to: RL78 Green Energy Challenge, Circuit Cellar, 4 Park Street, Vernon, CT 06066, USA)


These two entries are examples of past design Contest winners. In both of these examples, the entries are well organized. Also, the documentation of the projects is thorough.

Example 1
First Prize, Texas Instruments DesignStellaris 2010 Design Contest
Richard Wotiz
Registration Number: TI2837
Entry: Bicycle ABS Brake System

Example 2
First Prize, NXP mbed Design Challenge
Hexley Ball
Registration Number: NXP3767
Entry: (VI)sualizer: A Smart Electronic Load


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Deadline for Entries:

August 31, 2012


Entry Tips:

1.      Obtain a Project Registration Number  

2.      Label entry materials with Registration Number (do not include your name)

3.      Zip entry materials into one Project Entry File

4.      Upload to Contest Dropbox