Deadline: August 31, 2012


Circuit Cellar/Elektor is the Contest Administrator for the RL78 Green Energy Challenge (“Contest”). If you can’t find the answer to your question below, please contact us at

1) Eligibility
2) Registration & Registration Number
3) Eligible Contest Devices
4) Kit Samples
5) Entry Materials (abstract, documentation, code)
6) File Formats
7) Submission Methods/Deadline
8) Winning (Grand Prizes and Partner Prizes)
9) Intellectual Property Rights

1) Eligibility

I am not a U.S. resident. May I enter the Contest?
The Contest is open anyone who is 18 years or older as of March 26, 2012, regardless of your place of residence; however foreign entrants are cautioned to review the laws in the country or province in which they reside to determine if they are prohibited from participating. This Contest is void where prohibited by law.

I work for a major distributor that sells/distributes Renesas components or work for Circuit Cellar/Elektor. Am I eligible to enter the Contest?
No, you are not eligible to enter. Major distributors of Renesas products are considered affiliates. Direct employees of Circuit Cellar/Elektor and their affiliates, and their advertising, promotion, and production agencies, as well as members of their immediate families, are ineligible.

May I submit multiple entries?
Yes. You may submit as many entries as you want. Each project must have its own Registration Number. Complete a Registration Form to get a Registration Number for each project you intend to submit.

May I submit a project that I submitted to a previous Circuit Cellar/Elektor design contest?
Technically, yes. However, you must comply with the official rules of this Contest. If you submit a project that you submitted previously, we strongly advise you to modify your original project by improving it and/or adding new features. Don't simply change the core processor. When the Contest concludes, we will select a number of entries to post at The uniqueness of a project will be a key factor in this decision. We may be less inclined to select a project that is exactly the same as a project that has been posted for a previous contest.

2) Registration & Project Registration Number

Do I have to register for the Contest?
Yes. Complete a Registration Form to register for the Contest and to receive your Project Registration Number which you must use to label your Entry in preparation for judging. Project Entries, clearly marked with your Project Registration Number, must be submitted by 1:00 PM EST on August 31, 2012.

What is a Project Registration Number?
A Project Registration Number is an alphanumeric code (for example, RL9999) that you will receive after registering your project for the Contest. This Project Registration Number should be used to label your entry files and documents.

When I register for the Contest, will I be automatically entered to receive a contest kit?
No. To request a complimentary Renesas RL78/G13 Demonstration Kit, you must fill out the Contest Kit Request Form. Once your request has been approved and you receive your kit, you must complete the Registration Form to receive a Registration Number for submitting your Entry.

May I include my name in my entry materials?
No. Do NOT put your name on any materials that will be judged. You must use a Registration Number to label all parts of your Project Entry.

May I include my name in e-mails I send to
Yes. Staff members at Circuit Cellar/Elektor are the only people who will see your e-mails. The judges will not see your e-mails. The judges will only see your entry materials.

If I’m working with co-designers, does each of us need to register?
No. One person should register for the group. After registering, you will receive one Registration Number to label your entry.

If I’m entering more than one project in the Contest, do I need more than one Project Registration Number?
Yes. Each entry must have a separate Project Registration Number. Fill out a Registration Form for each project you intend to submit.

By entering this Contest or requesting a Renesas RL78/G13 Demonstration Kit, will my contact information be sold to third parties?
No. Your contact information will be used by Renesas Electronics America, their contest partners, and Circuit Cellar/Elektor personnel only for judging purposes and contact for publication and submittal of actual project purposes, otherwise, all Privacy Act conditions apply.

3) Eligible Contest Devices

What devices must I use with my project?
A Renesas RL78 MCU or RL78/G13 Demonstration Kit and IAR Toolchain.

Can I use commercial code?
Yes, in some cases. The majority of your source code should not come from a commercial source though. If you use commercial code, you must specify the product you used, the manufacturer/supplier, and which parts of your code are commercial. You cannot use commercial code if the manufacturer/supplier prohibits the posting of the code that you include with your entry. You cannot use commercial code if you are not allowed to use the commercial run-time libraries and shareware in your entry.

4) Kit Samples

How do I request a Renesas RL78/G13 Demonstration Kit?
The RL78 Green Energy Challenge is open to anyone who is in possession of an RL78/G13 Demonstration Kit. If you want to request a complimentary RL78/G13 demonstration kit, you must fill out the Contest Kit Request Form. Only those who qualify will receive a complimentary kit. Kits may also be purchased here: and

Is the Contest Kit free? Do I have to pay shipping and handling costs?
Free distribution of contest kits is sponsored by Renesas while supplies last. There is no charge but registration is required. Shipping and handling are free. However, recipients are responsible for paying any additional fees and duties related to customs processing.

5) Entry Materials

What must I include in my Entry?
Your entry must be clearly labeled with your Registration Number and include your abstract, complete documentation and source code. For detailed explanations about the required entry materials, CLICK HERE.

6) File Formats

What file formats are acceptable?
Word doc

What should I feature in the photograph?
What file formats are acceptable? Your photograph should show your complete project. See file formats in the answer above. If you embed your photograph in a text file, you must also include a separate file. High-resolution images (300 dpi) that are approximately 4 × 4 inches are preferred. Do not resize or manipulate the photograph in any other way.

7) Submission Methods/Deadline

When should I send in my entry?
The deadline is 1:00 PM EST on August 31, 2012.

Entries received or postmarked after that time are ineligible. It makes sense to submit your entry early. If you submit your entry at least a few business days prior to the deadline, you’ll give us time to check for corrupt files and missing elements. If your zip won’t open, for example, we would have time to e-mail you so you could send a replacement by the deadline.

How do I submit my Entry?
Upload your project files to the Contest Dropbox. Do NOT e-mail your entry. If you cannot utilize the drop box, you may send project files, clearly labeled with your Registration Number, on a CD-ROM, DVD, or USB memory stick to the following address:

RL78 Green Energy Challenge
Circuit Cellar/Elektor
4 Park Street Vernon, CT 06066

What should I do if my entry files are large?
The Contest Dropbox can accept files up to 2 GB. You may use this page as many times as needed to send additional files. Be certain to clearly identify your Project Registration Number in the subject line when you make your upload. Example:

1 of 3, RL9999 entry abstract
2 of 3, RL9999 entry documentation
3 of 3, RL9999 entry code

Will I receive confirmation when my Entry is received?
Yes. You will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your Entry within approximately two business days. E-mails are usually sent sooner, but processing could take a few days depending on the number of entries received. E-mail confirmations typically will be sent during business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST). Tip: If you want to ensure that you receive confirmation prior to the Contest deadline, submit your entry early.

8) Winning

What types of projects win design contests?
The goal of the Contest is to showcase the low-power functionality of the RL78/G13 Demonstration Kit in an eco-friendly and environmentally friendly application. Both hardware- and software-based applications are acceptable. Call attention to your project’s special features.

When will winners be notified?
Grand Prize Winners will be notified via e-mail or postal mail on or about September 25, 2012. Partner Prize winners will be notified through Renesas Twitter and Facebook feeds every week. The list of winners will be posted at in the weeks that follow.

If I win and have to send in my finished project, will it be returned?
Yes. If you are chosen as a winner, you may be required to ship your project to us for evaluation. Your project will be returned to you.

What is required of a Renesas Grand Prize Winner(s)?
All Renesas Grand Prize winners will be required to sign an affidavit of eligibility and release of liability prior to being declared a winner. All Grand Prize winners are required to comply with all reasonable requests for tax identification and will be required to provide a Social Security number (U.S. residents only) before receiving any prize. All properly claimed prizes will be awarded. Only the prizes specified in the numbers indicated will be awarded. Total cash value of Renesas Grand Prizes is $17,500 and the trip to DevCon in October is valued at approximately $2,500. What is required of Partner Prize Winner(s)? Throughout the Contest, Renesas will be posting Weekly Challenges, a selection of trivia questions, on their Twitter and Facebook pages that pertain to the contest partners products and services. Answer these questions correctly and you will be entered into a random drawing for the respective partner prize. Follow Renesas now: @RenesasAmerica, @Renesas_Europe, and and All partner prizes will be distributed by the respective partner and you may be contacted by them directly to comply with all reasonable requests for tax identification and prize distribution. All properly claimed prizes will be awarded.

Do I have to participate in or contribute to Partner Prize Weekly Challenges?
No. Participation is strongly encouraged but not required.

Can I participate in or contribute to Partner Prize Weekly Challenges but not the Contest?
Yes. Participation in the Contest is encouraged but not required.

I was honored with a Partner Prize Award but did not place in the regular contest. How can I win with the Contest partners, but not win when Circuit Cellar & Elektor are judging?
Circuit Cellar and Elektor judges have strict guidelines for selecting winning project entries which include: complete documentation of the Project Entry, energy efficiency, technical merit, originality, usefulness, cost-effectiveness, and design optimization of the RL78/G13 Demonstration Kit. If you decide to contribute to the online community by participating on Twitter and Facebook, and in forums, blogs, or submitting photos, it is completely separate from the Circuit Cellar and Elektor judging process for selection of Renesas Grand Prize winners.

Are there other opportunities besides the Grand Prize and Partner Prizes?
Yes! We traditionally post noteworthy entries alongside the winning entries. This is a great opportunity for you to get noticed in the field and be recognized for your design skills. Don’t worry; we’ll contact you prior to publishing any of your project details to confirm you accept the honor. Plus, we’re always looking for new articles for Circuit Cellar and Elektor magazines. If you design a great application, we may contact you about writing an article.

9) Intellectual Property Rights

Will the Contest Sponsor or Administrator own the intellectual property rights to my contest entry?
No. The design remains the intellectual property of the Participant, subject to your agreement to license grants for prize-winning entries and exceptional entries as set forth in the rules. Such license grants pertain to the Contest Sponsor and Contest Administrator's non-exclusive publishing rights to the contest entry material of winners and exceptional entries without limitation. We encourage all Participants to seek patents for any unique or proprietary aspects of their design prior to submission. Ultimately, you're always still in control of your intellectual property. Even after your project is posted, if some manufacturer approaches you about putting your design into volume production, you still own all the IP rights and they can only negotiate with you. Believe us when we tell you that Renesas would like nothing better than to know that a dozen project entries became volume commercial products using its devices. The free enterprise system is the best way to achieve that goal.

If I submit a project that becomes a winner or is designated as exceptional, does it have to be posted?
Yes and No. We have a separate Eligibility and Publishing Agreement that must be signed by each Winner or Distinctive Excellence designee which is a final chance to decide if the benefits of the contest publicity or the prize money are still greater than doing something else with the project. Our contests are all about mating an exceptional device with exceptional design talents. We want you to feel that you can design a commercial-grade product and submit it to this contest without losing control of it later if you choose otherwise. With the exception of the publishable project abstract described in the rules, your full project entry materials are treated as proprietary materials by the Contest Administrator and the judges. Except for the Circuit Cellar/Elektor staff and the judging team, no one, including the Sponsor, sees your full entry unless you have signed the Eligibility and Publishing Agreement after the contest judging.

What happens to my project if it's not selected as a winner or for additional posting opportunities through Circuit Cellar?
In a case where Circuit Cellar/Elektor and Renesas don't offer a Distinctive Excellence or Winner's posting agreement to a Participant, or don't receive a signed agreement from the Participant who was sent an agreement, Circuit Cellar/Elektor deletes the full project entry materials from the contest archives. However, as stated in the Rules, Circuit Cellar/Elektor and Renesas retain the right to still publicly show the Project's abstract. This is why it is highly recommended that Participants create their own abstracts. By creating, clearly specifying, and submitting your own abstract, you also maintain control over how much overall project detail you want circulated without first knowing that your project is among the contest Winners or a Circuit Cellar/Elektor Distinctive Excellence (DE) candidate.

Who sees my contest entry and do they sign non-disclosure agreements?
The design contest is fully administered by Circuit Cellar/Elektor staff. Everyone handling your full contest entry is bound by a non-disclosure agreement. This means that when you submit a contest entry, your project files will be assembled by in-house editors and packaged for final presentation to the 3rd party contest judges. The judges are independent professionals. They are not employees or representatives of the contest sponsor and they all sign non-disclosure agreements. All entries that include a CMX Systems RTOS will be reviewed by a CMX Representative for awarding the Partner Prize of “Best Use of CMX RTOS.” CMX Systems, Inc. is bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

Your full contest entry, excluding your abstract as described above, which may be shared with the Sponsor, is not transmitted to anyone other than internal Circuit Cellar/Elektor editorial staff, the 3rd party judges and CMX Systems, Inc. until your project is designated to be an official prize winner or distinctive excellence award winner and you sign a separate agreement giving Circuit Cellar/Elektor and the contest Sponsor non-exclusive publishing rights as described in the rules. Even after signing this agreement you still own the Intellectual Property. Any complete projects not designated as winners or Distinctive Excellence awards are deleted from our archives after the contest.



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