Contest Winners

Texas Instruments DesignStellaris 2010 Design Contest Winners

Nothing drives technological advancement in the embedded industry like healthy competition among brilliant engineers. The Texas Instruments DesignStellaris 2010 Design Contest is an excellent example of just how innovative today’s top engineers can be when they’re given amazing parts, a deadline, and some enticing incentives—such as international recognition and a chance to win a share of $10,000 in cash prizes.

Back in January 2010, engineers were challenged to use the Stellaris LM3S9B96 microcontroller from Texas Instruments with Keil’s RealView Microcontroller Development Kit (RVMDK) and SafeRTOS from Wittenstein to create exciting new applications. Texas Instruments launched the contest with a simple question: “Just how far will your design take you?” In response, designers from all over the world stepped up to the challenge and delivered truly inventive designs.

After reviewing all the entries and scoring the projects on their technical merit,
originality, usefulness, cost-effectiveness, and design optimization, the judges’ results are now final. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this exciting contest!

First Prize

Richard Wotiz

Bicycle ABS Brake System


Second Prize

Osamu Tamura

Camera-Based Eye-Tracking System


Third Prize

Sylvain Davaine

GPIB Screensaver


Honorable Mentions

Toby Baumgartner

TROBOT 3.0: An "ABB Robot Studio" Interface for a Miniature Articulated Robot


Aleksander Borysiuk

ACC PIN Reader


James Brady

Handheld Pollen Sensor


Rajesh Kademada Chittiappa

Lethal Alert


Greg Cloutier

5 Channel Programmable RC Pistol Grip Transmitter


Justin Curran, Catherine Woodward, and Tristan Nixon

Electric Motorbike


Fabian de la Fuente

D-Star Adapter


Kevin Gorga

Digital Oscilloscope


Wolfgang Guettler

Automatic Pill Dispenser


Shinji Kasaki

Tranceiver Control


Imrich Konkol

MuDLi: Multipurpose Data Logger with Internet Connectivity


Stephan Lubbers

Hands-Free USB Mouse


Marty McLeod

Stellaris BCU/Battery Module


Matt Pennell

Specialized Signal Processing Engine


John Peterson

Color Sensor


Nghia Tran, Victor Tran, Tammy Tran, Andy Tran, and Trucmai Nguyen

Ethernet Teleoperated Balancing Robot


Distinctive Excellence

Manuel Iglesias
Green Enable Stand-Alone 24/7 Supervisor

Bernhard Schloss

Lyudmil Selin and Rosen Koler
Tiny FAT32 on SD Card

Antonios Chorevas

Shinji Kasaki
SIP Conference Server