Content Organization Structure

Here on the Circuit Cellar website the content has been divided into two main groups, Basic & Premium. The division is detailed below.

Basic Content (Unlimited Free Access – color code cyan)

  • Product News
  • Vendor Directory
  • Clubs/Organizations
  • Professional’s Profiles
  • Workspaces
  • About Us Information
  • Support Information under Magazine and Advertise Navigation

FREE BONUS — 1 item from our Premium Content Section every 30 days

Membership level determines the quantity of items accessible in each Tier (per 30 days)

The image below shows the Membership Options – Click here to go to the Registration page

Tier 1
(Color Code Light Green)

  • EE Tips
  • Crossword
  • Test your EQ
  • Design Contest Winning Entries
  • Datasheet
  • Editor’s Letters
  • Interviews
  • Tech the Future
  • Tech Trends

Tier 2
(Color Code Dark Green)

  • Basics of Design
  • Design Solutions
  • Projects

Premium Content Details
Currently most of the content originally appeared in Circuit Cellar Magazine or in affiliate locations. The online published date is NOT the original publication date, content maybe from any issue of Circuit Cellar Magazine back to issue 1, previous contest submissions, affiliate websites and/or publications.

We have plans to add more unique member only content in the future, at this point it is limited.

Publisher’s Disclaimer
Membership on the Circuit Cellar website was created to be an alternative format that is comparable to the magazine experience in content. It is neither a replacement for a magazine subscription nor an entirely new item. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages which is which is largely a personal preference. Please read our FAQ page for more information.
Feel free to contact me if you have further questions/concerns – kc at
KC Prescott

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